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Cat eating other cat's whiskers

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Looking for some thoughts on this matter.

I have noticed a very odd behaviour in one of my cats recently. Carmel is Patches' daughter, and Carmel loves her mommy! Carmel is a few years old now, and I have noticed in the last several months that Patches' whiskers on top of her head look like someone has cut them off. I saw Carmel cleaning Patches the other day, and Carmel chews off Patches' whiskers while she is cleaning her!

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this behaviour in their cats...
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I have the same problem with Sturgis chewing Milo's whiskers, or should I say pulling them out. The only thing I could find is that a mother cat will chew off the whiskers of a kitten that she feels is wandering to far. Maybe Carmel thinks patches will leave her.
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This is very interesting.

Another thing I thought I might add is that Patches was much more friendly and outgoing with Peter and I until her kittens grew up. Ever since Carmel has been her best friend Patches has withdrawn and is practically a feral cat living indoors. She always shirks away from being petted and cowers with her ears back like we are going to hit her when we go to pet her.

She did not display this behaviour when we first rescued her from the shelter, she was friendly, although not outgoing. I am wondering if it has anything to do with her top whiskers being chewed off? I wish there was a way to stop Carmel from chewing them, but I can't think of any.
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