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Upset and Worried

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I painted my bedroom today and I was so good not the let the cat in. When hubby got home he came in to help and the cat got in and I didn't realize it but she was shut in there while I cooked dinner to. Now I won't point fingers but I'm sure ya'll know who I'm pointing a finger at.

Anyway. She was in there only about half an hour and the windows were shut. She is acting normal. Should I be as worried as I am? The room wasn't too smelly and I'm sure she wasn't going to lick the walls. What do ya'll reccomend?
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I am assuming it was latex paint? Just keep an eye on her, I don't think she should have any problems as long as she didn't get any paint on her. You can always do an online search on the words 'latex paint', safety,'health risks' and see what comes up. I suspect you will be reassured.

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Cats fine. Just me being paranoid and ticked at the husband. She's actually watching me paint today. She took a wiff of the can and ran out of the room for a few minutes.
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Beth i've just seen this and i wouldn't worry. I don't think paint is very inviting to them, but then again cats are like children so you have to have eyes like a hawk with!

Now standing in the paint tray thats something that you don't want!. Rosie did when she was a kitten and there was little magnolia paw prints all over the hardwood floor!

Luckily it was easily removed with soap and water.
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awww sweet little rosie leaving rosie foot prints. That's something you should have had a picture of.
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