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New Foster Babies

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I have new foster babies I want to show off!

They are three 5-week-old kittens with a little problems we are treating. There are two girls and a boy, but I can't really tell them apart on site. The boy does seem to whine and fuss a lot more than the girls.

This is what they all look like:

See my problem!

Eventually they started curling up in the krook of my bfs knee, it was terribly adorable!

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they are soooooooo cute!
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Wow, identical lovable triplet!
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They are truly darling!!!
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They are beautiful!
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The boy does seem to whine and fuss a lot more than the girls.
Don't they always?

They are very cute!
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Oh my I Black kitties and they are so sweet
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That is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen! They are adorable!
I love black kitties,.
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This is my favorite photo. Look at these little fluffballs!

Originally Posted by eatrawfish

How are you ever going to give them up for adoption? That must be hard.
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oohh...they are the cat's meow alright
sweeet..I love the curled up pic.
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Yeah, it's hard to give them up. But I want to help so bad, and I live in a two-bedroom apartment in a big city, so I can foster a lot more than I could ever own. Plus, my last set of fosters my favorite kitten died after a week , after dealing with that I'm SO happy when they reach adoptable age healthy and happy.

I didn't realize it before, but feeding them medicine is kinda hard! I gotta make sure I don't feed the same one medicine twice, because I truly cannot tell them apart. I won't screw it up, but I hadn't thought about it until I had the medicine out.
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OMG..They are just adorable.
I love,love,love black kitties.
I had 3 black foster litter mates for a short time and they were so sweet.
Also had a little black female 6 month old female foster around Christmas that someone left abandoned in a house and she was the sweetest little thing.I got WAY too attached to her and was almost ready to keep her when someone called about her and it was the perfect home for her so I let her go....They only had one other kitty and this one was very needy so I figured they could give her a lot more attention than I could.

Anyway..good luck and thanks for taking these babies in and giving them a chance to find a loving home.
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What sweet little babies!!!

Have you thought about putting different colored collars on them so telling them apart to give the medicine is easier?
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Wow, What a cute black babies!!
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They are too cute!!
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AWW! Too Cute for Words!
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they are so cute , i foster too got one black and two greys 6 weeks old
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They are now getting so confident and bopping around the room (sometimes into things). I think they are long haired, I've never had long haired kittens (my kitties are long haired but I got them when they were almost one). But they seem to have long kinda white... guard hairs? That long haired cats have. And they've got pretty little blue eyes.

I was thinking about collars, but they are so small, and I worry about them getting caught. I know there are collars designed to open if they get caught, but I figure it's simpler to keep track of them by sticking them in the cage once medicated and refering to them as "kittens".

I'll post more pictures when they get bigger (because I can't help myself).
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What adorable little kittens!!
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Aww, they're so precious! They remind me of one of my foster litters from last year...5 all black kittens. So I hear you when you say they're hard to tell apart! I could after a few days, thank God, because some of them were on meds as well (URIs/diarrhea x5!).

I'm sure you're having a ball! Enjoy!

Can't wait to see more pictures!
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Time sure does fly! And to mark it, I take a MILLION pictures.

I can finally tell them apart. One of the two girls has a far rounder face (more like the typical american short hair) as well as more of those long white gaurd (?) hairs. Not sure if that means she'll get longer hair or what. The other two are a boy and a girl who have more triangular faces that I associate with more asian breeds (like Siamese, but not that dramatic).

They're getting pretty big. I may be able to put them up for adoption in a week or two.


This is what the similar boy and girl look like, honestly, I'm not sure which one this is a picture of:

It's hard to tell because she is being silly, but this is the more distinct girl. She is also larger than the others, and a bit of an escape artist.

My bfs shoes provide some entertainment...

The others lost interest, but this kitten was in love.

I just like this picture because the stuffed animal seems the right scale for the little kitten.

At one point I lost some of the kittens. Until I looked in my desk where I had shoved some old stuffed animals.

Hehe, thats a lot of pictures.
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They are great pics! Thanks for sharing. Bless you for caring for these little ones. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. I'd end up with 88 cats You've done a fine job with them.
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Hehe, my boyfriend helps a lot.

"Can I keep one?"


"Aw! Just - "


Also, I miss them, but I do like NOT worrying about them all time. I will definately miss them though, make no mistake.
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Yeah, that sucks, too - the worrying. I still think you're an angel for caring for them.
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They're getting so big! All the pictures are great, but that second picture is my absolute favorite! That kitten looks so ferocious...grrrrr!
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Awww.They are all soooo adorable.Gotta love all those black fur balls.
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Where on earth is the cuteness warning????

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Oh the pictures are just adorable!
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Awww! The little girl playing with the ball on a string looks like my Trent when we got him. SSSSOOOO cute!!

They are all adorable!
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They are all so beautiful! They grow up so fast, don't they!!

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