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#2 - I love Victorians and I'd love to have a turret master suite.
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I like the second one because of it's uniqueness.
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Number 3 house is very pretty and my pick . 1 and 2 are also nice houses. 4 looks a little plain but a nice house too.
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I have a fondness for wrap around verandahs. But with them come older homes, with often the problems of older homes, and with lots of stairs. One of my priorities in the next place -- and any subsequent -- that we live, will be as few stairs as possible. These bones are getting older and creakier every day.

I can't actually see #1 for some reason, but from the comments, I assume it's an older home, too. So my vote, by default -- but also because I find it attractive -- is for #4.
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All of them are beautiful, but I love #2.
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Guess I'm with the majority. #2!
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I just couldn't resist house number 2. It looks so interesting and unique al around, but the fist two things I imagined when looking at all the houses was how much lawn I'd have to cut, how much leaves to rake and how much snow I'd have to remove. Number 2 didn't look that bad for snow. I got the impression that maybe there was a short diveway at the back. Number 4's driveway was like a mini skatepark. I'd definitely have to have a snowblower for that.
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They are all so beautiful and interesting! Number 2 looks so grand! But I chose number 4 because it is more like a bungalow, so I'd be better there - in my dreams when I live there! Plus the double garrage and big drive - room for my studio and space for my car and my camper (also a dream so far!)

Thanks for sharing those, it was fun imagining I was going to buy one!

I can only think of one really nice house near me that I would be able to show you all, the others are pretty bland new build toen houses and terraces (although, you've seen a couple that I have been looking at! )
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LOL, Ryan, Jerry has a snow blower and we have a little driveway!

Sarah, it is fun looking, isn't it?
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I have to go with #4. I used to love older victorian houses but now I would like something small and cozy. I have so many houses in my neighborhood that look like #1,2, and 3, as soon as I get a digital camera I'll have to take some pictures.
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number 2
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Number 2.
The cats and I could have a field day! Heck, I could get even more cats!

Seriously though, I love the look of that house. But for me? Only if weren't on a busy street corner.

Actually, come to think about it, there are a lot of houses that look like that in the area around me. They're all so old and uncared for that they're falling apart. The one that was by my old high school even had the original leaded glass windows.
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I love houses 2 & 3 just because they have round parts....I LOVE houses that have at least one odd or atypically shaped room!
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Originally Posted by Februa
I love houses 2 & 3 just because they have round parts....I LOVE houses that have at least one odd or atypically shaped room!

I like that too! And I like #3 because it's up just a bit, looks like a plateau and that porch!....I like to live up a bit. Must be a cat thing.
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OMG!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful houses!!!!!
I like Number 1 and Number 2(like little castle!)
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I'm at a toss up between 2 and 4. I love the grandness of 2, but I usually prefer more modern homes.
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I chose #2.
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I like #2, even though it's big. I like the yard, especially the path, as well as the distane between the house and the neighbours. I also like the nice, big trees in the front of a photo. You'd need a bunch of kids to fill the house, though.
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I chose number one. I don't like number two at all. Number one is stunning!
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I like #3 the best
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house number 2 is lovely
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Tough decision huh guys?
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
I've always had a fancy for a verandah/porch so it would have to be 2 or 3; they have so much character. Probably number 2 because the tower looks stunning
Number 2! That tower looks like a great place to hide away.
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