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They can also use donations (that are not acceptable for wigs) to defer their expenses. They sell it to paint brush companies.
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I think your haircut is very lovely and you do have beautiful thick hair. But hey guys that used to wear long all complain about how hard it was/is and how it drags the face down, makes you look older, etc., but did any of you wear your hair up? I have mid length hair and I wear mine up all the time in beautiful buns and the like....doesn't drag the face down, in fact, I get many compliments. I will admit, I'm not the norm but hey, I rather like that. And I definitely do not look like I'm from the 60's and 70's, at least not the 1960's and 70's...
Just a thought if you ever want to grow that hair again.
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Your new do looks amazing!!! I wish I had the courage to do something like that! I cut my hair one time like that WAY back in the day when I was a senior in school and I've kept it fairly short but never really cut it dramatically after that. I don't know why.
BTW: I like the ends curled. they look fine that way if you want my opinion.
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You look wonderful!!
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The new hairstyle looks good!
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You look great! And now it is so much easier to care for. I used to have hair down to my hips God what a pain that was. My hair was so thick took forever to dry.Long live short hair styles!
The new haircut really frames your face too!
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You look much younger.

I am not planning on cutting my hair in a few years.
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Congratulatinos on looking so fab!
It is very liberating isn't it? I used to have hair so long that I could sit on it, and I got so fed up with it, I went to the hairdresser one day and said,'cut it all off', so she did. I went from having hair longer than 2ft to having it less than 2 inches all over. She said I was the only client she'd had who kept saying, cut it shorter than that! And what's more, I have never regretted it either. But I didn't look as though I'd lost the years that you have!!

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Originally Posted by Deb25
I love it! Hope somebody donated your hair to Locks of Love.
WOW, Amy, what a difference! LOVE IT! Deb, my sister in law every other year gets her hair cut, (thick dark Italian hair) and donates it Locks of Love.
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Amy, the new haircut looks fabulous!!!
For everyone who has mentioned Locks of Love.... you all are AWESOME! That is such a great cause and I admire all of you for being involved in such an extremely worthy endeavor!
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You look fabulous! Your hair is such a pretty color.
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And here is the strangest thing of all: I have been getting headaches almost daily for years. I thought it was sinus related. It started raining today and I always get a headache when the weather changes. I haven't had a headache since I cut off my hair. The stylist warned me that could happen.

Wow - liberated in a way that I never would have expected!!
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Love it!!!

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Amy, congrats, you looks terrific! Nice Change!
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