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What is comfort to you?

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What to you is total and complete comfort?

To me, its..

A warm embarce from someone I haven't seen in a long time.

The words "I love you".

Both of my cats cuddling with me.

The sound of a strong purr.

Hot cocoa on a cold day.

Drinking a Starbucks Frapachino while having a intresting conversation with someone I love.

When I make my friends laugh.

Making a new friend.

How about you?
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My husband

When Char rubs his nose against my face

Hot chocolate on a cold day

When kittens snuggle up to you to keep warm
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Those are really good. I loved the last two.
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Comfort is...

Sleeping underneath my blankie with Boy boy, snuggled right next to me

Reading a book and enjoying a cup of hot latte on a hot sat afternoon

Having the radio on to smooth jazz music
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Id say having a nice book to read in bed or on your favourite chair, and having the kitty on your lap.
When the house is nice and clean and tidy.
When ther is noone to pee you off in the house.
Being happy with your friends
A nice yummy hot cup of tea or hot chocolate.
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kitty purrs and snuggles.
a hot bowl of soup on a cold, cold day.
and rain storms on a hot summer day.
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A big hug from Brendan.

Waffle climbing up onto my lap for some loving.

Having just finished all of my homework/housework for the day.

A hot cup of tea with my family or Brendan.
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Comfort for me is...

Snuggling in the arms of my fiance that I love to pieces, my head on his chest and his arms around me, I feel so safe and lovely. its my favorite place to be and my comfort zone.

Eva x
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Comfort is an electric blanket turned up high on a cold night.
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These are all really great. Just reading this thread is making me feel full of comfort. I want to try some of them. Keep going!
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a horse hug
a kitten purring in my ear
my husband
the wind in the trees
a walk on the beach
prayer with friends
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That was beautiful, Mary Anne.
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