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Need a good de-tangler

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Hi, All!! It's just me, Ellen, the Keeper of the Herd...
I need some advise on mist/spray on de-tanglers...
My almost 16 yr. precious, Potpourri the Fairy Princess Kitty...now has a thyroid condition...she's on medication for that and her thyroid blood test is in the normal range...HOORAY!!!
Her long fur has changed its texture..now more dry and mats incredibly quickly...thank goodness for Oster Finisher trimmer clippers for the bad mats...she's letting me carefully use a shedding comb on her...I need to know about cat-friendly de-tanglers...ones that kitties don't mind the scent of and also that don't make the coat oily-looking....
Potpourri is a dream come true catchild...I dread losing her..she's getting frail..I fished her out of a horse's water bucket that she'd been trying to get a drink from in August 1989...she was tiny, emaciated and loaded with fleas...was incredibly weak and I don't know how she ever survived...I thought she'd die in the car on the trip home...she survived hour by hour and I've been blessed with her company for almost 16 yrs....
Potpourri likes sniffing flowers, getting combed, and an occasional dab of Laura Ashley perfume!!!! Her favorite chair to sleep on has floral cushions, too!!!!
She's a long-haired blend of orange, brown, and grey tabby, white tummy and paws, and big, vivid GREEN eyes...very,very unusual coloration...
Any advice from the friends who show long-haired breeds would be especially appreciated...
Hugs and Pats to all your kitties,
Ellen and the "Fairy Princess Kitty" Potpourri and the Herd
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Your cat sounds lovely, and you have been a good mum to her by the sound of things. I can't really help you with de-tangler advice, except that I use baby oil on my horse who has a long unruly mane. Maybe it would work on cats? I tend to put a bit of it on my hands, then use my hands over the horse's mane rather than a brush, that way not too much oil gets on the horse.
Best of luck to you.
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Potpourri's tangles are getting much less...I found a "shedding comb" with staggered teeth that helps enormously!!! She's remarkably patient about letting me carefully work the loose hairs out...
She's looking better!!!
I will try putting some light leave-in conditioner in her coat if she says it's okay, have to find some that's unscented!!!
Thanks and Pats to your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
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