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I hang up on them. Tell them to put me in their no call list.
I get them alot and its annoying.

Question: What was your worst date?
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"Are you the lady of the house" - "No"
"Well, may I speak to the lady of the house" - "No"

"May I please speak to Sabra" - "She's not home right now, can I leave a message"

If they get to the point of giving their whole schpeel I just say "No, thank you" and hang up.

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?
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My wake up time:

5:00 a.m. - get up and feed dogs

5:25 a.m. - lay back down for about 25 minutes

5:50 a.m. - if you don't get in the shower now you are going to be late!

For the moms out their, what is the weirdest food you ate while you were pregnant?
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Guess I got a little excited!!! So maybe the next person can answer all three questions???? Maybe????
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Wait! Y'all must have been online at the same time! I'm so confused! I don't know how far back to go!

My favorit season is fall, then spring, then winter, and I know I'm a wierdo but I really don't like summer. I don't like heat. (So why the heck am I in Texas? Some things in life make no sense, oh well.) But I don't like it so cold you need a hat either.

I blow off phone solicitors. I tell them I'm not "available" and take a message for myself. I usually don't even pick up the phone if I don't recognize the name or the number.

Wake-up time on an average weekday is between 8 and 9. I'm an at-home mom so I don't have to be anywhere and we're homeschooling so I don't have to get my daughter anywhere. But if I want the car, I do have to get up in time to drive hubby to work.

My worst date? Gosh, I barely remember any dates, I gave that up so long ago! I think the worst involved a young man who thought we'd made a date when I thought we were just friends who made plans. And I think I ended up feeling worse than he did, because I still remember it and I bet he's forgotten by now (must be close to 10 years).

My favorite sandwich is grilled cheddar with a pickle on the side. Variations are okay, you know, with tomato or tuna or ham or maybe with different cheese, but cheddar is the best. And I say that as someone who grew up with American cheese (is this really edible? the package used to say "processed cheese food product") and never even tried cheddar until moving to Canada at 13 years old.

The wierdest food combination I ate was jalapeno poppers (jalapenos stuffed with cheese and coated with some kind of breading, deep fried until the cheese melts) and an oreo cookie milkshake. I must have needed calcium or something.

Is that it? Do I get to ask a question now?

Okay: Flintstones or Jetsons? (I'm Jetsons myself.)
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Hey there are a barrage of replies here!!!!

I'll choose 2 questions and move on:

Favorite sandwich: a nice rare roast beef with mayo and swiss. The best ones I ever laid my mouth on were at The Stage Deli in NYC and a little hole-in-the-wall somewhere in upstate NY called the Den.

Fred F. or George J? That's a toughy. Being a science fiction gal, I'll go with the Jetsons. I always liked them best as a kid.

And now for the new question:

What was your #1 favorite treat as a kid? My mother used to bake custard. Yum!
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I have been keeping up with this thread because I find people's answers to the questions to be fun. The only thing is the 1 response to each question. I would like to see more feedback than 1 response.

I propose: 5 posts with answers to the latest question. The 5th person has to post a new question. Any takers?
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Good idea Deb, it gives more perspectives that way.I like it when people answer their own question too, such as you did in your last post. I'll answer your question too...

My mom used to make Domino Squares when I was litle (she still makes them too ) They have a graham cracker crust, white frosting and melted chocolate on the top. She used to make a pretty mean custard too
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wierdest foods while pregnant- chili peppers and skittles fruit chews one right after the other......

I am a Jetson woman

Favorite sandwich tuna, bacon, cheese, ortega chilies

my wake-up time is 6:30 but for some reason have been sleeping in lately- must be all this rain and cold weather

my mother used to bake this wonderful coffee cake from scratch with raisins and cinnamon yummy stuff

Now my question, if you could be invisible for one day what would you do when no one could see you?
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response #1:

Oh, what a good question! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!
For one, I'd drive down the road and freak people out by having a seemingly empty car.

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If I were invisible for a day, I'd go into the men's locker room!
Favorite treat would be mexican custard.
I would be a jetson woman because I don't like how Fred treats Wilma.
Favorite Sandwich, Turkey Avocado sub with all the trimmings from Blimpes.
Physically, I am awake at six. After a huge mug of coffee and around ten, I am fully awake.
Weirest food. Its not really weird. I used to eat fresh tomatoes as if they were apples. I ate two or a whole bunch topped with lemon, salt, and vinegar.

Question: If the dinosaurs were alive today, which one would you have for a pet and why?
I like the t-rex. Perfect watchrex!
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Okay.....here goes. not sure if I can remember the last 5 questions but I will try...

Favourite child hood treat...(and still a fav today) chocolate marshmallow rice crispy squares

Wake up time - up every morning at 5am to go horse riding

Favourite Sandwich - turkey and avacado

Wierdest food - dont think I have weird food.....frogs legs maybe, snails or people think I am weir eating roll mops (raw pickled herrings)
and I have eaten my horses feed to see what it tastes like

If dinosaurs were alive today I would be a Brontosaurus, just because they hade sweet looking faces and they were big enough ot reach the best food at the tops of the tree tops therefore making more food available for the smaller dinos.
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Sorry to have caused confusion. I didn't mean for people to answer the previous 5 questions. I meant for 5 people to answer the last question, and the 5th respondent also posts a new question.

So, here is a new question to get things back on track:

Q: How many pillows do you personally call your own in the bed at night? (Don't count any used by person sharing the bed, if any.)

(I have 4).

Ok, next 5 responses, and (tag!), the 5th has to come up with a new question (hopefully a less lame one than mine).
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I use two pillows

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I only use one, but it has to just the right combinations of firm, but soft. weird, I know.
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Do kitties count? Kahuna generally sleeps draped over my head at night. I use two pillows, one for him to take the weight off my head and one for me.
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Okay so I am the 5th person to answer the pillow question - I have 6 pillows on my bed but end up sleeping with two soft duck feather ones.

Okay so here is a questions....

If there is any job that you could do what would it be and why?

I would love to own a stable as I love horses and it has been my burning ambition to have a stable with loads of horses dogs and cats and a big old farm house and be able to go out riding all the time....it would be my total idea of heaven
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Well, in a fantasy world, I would love to be a stand-up comedian. In real life, I want to be a school principal, which is what I am working toward with my masters' degree.

That was response #1. Next?
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Response #2:

I would love to have the skill/talent to be a performing classical pianist, performing with the world's top orchestras (and perhaps composing, too). Why? Simply, I don't think there is any more beautiful music to be able to perform.

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I really like what I do now, and I'm not sure that I would change it. I always thought I would work in radio (since I loved it so much in college) but I'm really happy with the path that I have taken. I don't even know if there is anything I would change about my job. I get to travel as much or as little as I want, I get to spend as much time as I want in our L.A. office, I go to any concerts I want, and I get to hear the new music before it ever makes it to the public.

I'm truely blessed to do something that I love.
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Response 4?

Book editor & proof reader - absolute dream job.
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Archeaologist or Lawyer - sooooooo interesting, but too long at school for me!! (lazy arse)

Question: If you could LEARN anything new at all in the world....what would it be? (Ie Language, instrument etc etc)
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I would love to learn the French language, although I'm not sure why (perhaps because it's difficult).

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I would love to learn to swing dance. I would probably end up killing my partner as I am on the plus size!
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Oh, I'm torn.

I'd like to learn to dance, though I have no rhythm at all, and I'd like to learn to play piano.

Now if only I could learn to dance WHILE playing piano . . .
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Response #4

I would love to learn how to play the cello and the piano.

I also would love to learn how to speak spanish.
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I would love to learn to dance in Mexican folkoric events. I love their costumes. I tried it once and it is hard. I also would like to learn how to sing and sing with a mariachi group.

Question: If you could act in a movie, which one would you be in and why?
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I'd love to be (Angelina Jolie as)Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. It would be great not only to look like that, but to be able to pull off some of the stunts she does in the film.
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Response #2 I would like to be Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing, just one dance with Patrick Swayze and I would have a permanent smile on my face.
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I would be Danny Kaye in "Court Jester". It is my all time fav movie & I would love to do the physical comedy like that!
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