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I'd go to Iceland with Björk! Why? Well, I love her music and I find her to be a fascinating person. Of course, as long as we're making this up, it would be nice if she liked me as well.

So, what's on your list of resolutions for the year 2002?

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Train for the USA! My goal is to be the Champion Women's Bodybuilder in the USA year 2002...so, lot's and lots of training. Oh yeah, one more...to finish my book. That'll be enough. One day at a time of course.

Have you ever danced in front of the mirror naked? (valid queston) :laughing2

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A. Ya, I have for a brief second! :LOL:

Q. Similar to Cat's question: have you ever walked outside naked?
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No, Ive never walked outside naked....I'm too afraid someone might drive by at that exact moment, and the shock and horror of it, might drive them into the ditch!!! :LOL: :laughing: :LOL: :laughing:

Melissa, how lucky you were to have lobster all the time growing up...I love lobster!!
And sunlion, the smell of playdough does bring back memories, doesn't it?? I used to love to play with that as a child!

Question: If you could only watch ONE show on TV, what would it be?
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That's too easy: Star Trek

Q: How do you spoil yourself?
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I get a massage!!!!

We have a woman come in every monday and give us all 15 minute massages (did I mention that I love my job!?!?!) and I also will see her once or twice a month and get an hour long one. She is incredible and I alway feel so great when she's done. I also recently broke down and hired a cleaning service. They come every other monday. Makes my life SO much easier. I consider that spoiling myself as well.

Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?
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Been done for five months now....unless of course their's something else special or someone else I'd like to buy for, I don't like crowded stores or lines because of Christmas, but I enjoy watching shoppers in the mall...it's a nice holiday feeling.

What's your worst fear?

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Surviving this summer with no summer school and no money.

Q: What is the newest technology that you plan on buying?
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I'd have to say upgrades for our computer system. We want to get a new video card and such.

Q- Which version of Dr. Suess's "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" do you like better; the original cartoon or the new Jim Carrey one?
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Hands down, the cartoon one. I can't stomach Jim Carrey.

But that leads to a good question:

What's your favorite holiday show of all the ones they broadcast every year?

(How come I always want to answer my own questions?)
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I can't think of the name of it but I love the one with the heatmiser and the coldmiser and mother nature. I love all of the ones who are animated in that same fashion. Reminds me of being a kid.'

Are you currently reading anything and if you are, what is it?
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"The Switch" by Sandra Brown.

How come you always want to answer your own questions? :laughing2 (Deb, that's for you) :laughing2)

Just kidding.

What type of art do you like?

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Oil painting - I am partial to my husband's - as he paints. I do not like modern art at all. I have a great respect for the old masters.

If you have reserched your family's geneology - what have you found?
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After spending a lifetime of having NO idea what my background is (since I'm adopted) I finally found out a couple years ago. My grandfather (on my mothers side) is 100% Romanian Gypsy and actually lived in the clan, where his father was the Gypsy king. My grandmother is spanish. So my mother is half romanian gypsy, half spanish. My grandmother on my fathers side was German, and my grandfather was half german, half irish. So my father was 3/4 german and 1/4 irish.

My grandmother still has the front page of the Indianapolis Star announcing her marriage to my grandfather (in those days it was big news and considered an inter-racial marriage) and they spent a lot of time trying to outrun the clan, but they always found them and brought them back.

What special dishes are you making for the holidays?
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A: because I am a big blabbermouth, Cat.

No. seriously, in regard to geneology. My great aunt did extensive research into our family geneology during her lifetime. Unfortunately, all the volumes are in Welsh. I do remember the following facts, however:

We are related to William Bradford, a Pilgrim who came over on the Mayflower.

We are distantly related to Queen Elizabeth and John F. Kennedy.

My mother's current husband is a geneology freak. He travels all around the world researching his family. He is working on my mother's side of the family, as well.

New question:

Have you ever consulted a psychic of any sort? (astrologer, tarot, etc.) Any startling revelations? Do you think it was real?
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My best friend is Wiccan and she just recently read my Tarot. I most definitely believe its real! She told me to think of an issue in my life that I wanted to know more about,(ie the outcome, its impact on others etc)and not tell her what it was. She then asked me to shuffle the deck and cut it. The reading she did was so right on, it was creepy and I got my questions answered

Q- What type of decorations adorn your Christmas tree each year? (ie bows, garland, popcorn strings etc.)
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YES! I did it for fun and never expected when she told me that I'd move up north that that would ever be possible! I knew she was a total fake!

I was the Director for Animal Control in Martn County at the time and there was no way I was going to give up my job! NO WAY! I loved it.
Well, three months later, I was offerred an incredible salary, but the position was in Manhattan. I TOOK IT! OMG! I thought of her immediately! I've been seeking her out for some time now. I don't think it's a bad thing; although it does say in the Bible that it's not good. So, I'm trying to heed it's Word the best I can.

(ps. Blabbermouth? :laughing2 :laughing2 silly)

Would anyone else like to answer that question? I'd like to hear what someone else says about that.

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Ooops sorry about that! I guess we were posting at the same time...please post your question again.
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To answer Melissa:

I always put little red bows all over my tree, and top it with a lighted silver star. (and put up a few ornaments that are either really cute or really sentimental). I think it's really pretty.

To answer Cat:

I called 3 of those psychic hotlines in a day once just for fun. One of them told me I'd be meeting a tall man with a name like "Ron" or something short like that, and that he'd have dark hair and that I'd be drawn to him. The other 2 told me things I don't quite recall, but were so far from ever happening I dismissed them.

Within a month I met "Roy"... who I married. Unfortunately the psychic didn't tell me what a disaster the whole relationship would be!

Question: What is the worst clothing decision you've ever made? (Worst outfit bought, wrong thing worn to a party, etc?)
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My favorite dog is a rottie. I wore unmatched clothing at high school. My favorite type of art is ceramics and drawing. I love to draw horses. I have not consulted a pshycic for fear of being ripped off. I have a temptation to call Miss Cleo but I've heard she's been sued. Favorite Christmas shows are choirs singing in a cathedral. I have never walked out of the house naked(not even in my undies) because I live in a mormon community and they will try and sue me for indecent exposure.

Question: Have you ever attended an arts show(ballet, opera, symphony, etc.)? And if so, which one did you like the best.
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I have attended opera, museums, symphany etc. my fav is opera

If you could change places with anyone in the world for 1 day who would you be and why? (I would be Osama Bin Laden & give him up to authorities)
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I'd trade places with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. I'd like to see what a day in his life is like, maybe I'd get a sense of where he derives inspiration for his music. It'd be neat to see where he lives, meet his friends and family etc.

Q- Whats on top of your Christmas tree? ( I have a star with multicolored lights, its beautiful at night )
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That would be my kitten Shredder! J/K......

Actually there is a sourdough Santa, custom made by a friend of mine in Alaska out of willow- he is a true sour dough with a fake fur cap, and snowshoes and huskies on his coat.

What is the ONE New Year's Resolution you will make and NOT break?
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That tree topper sounds great! Do you have any pictures of it?

Mrs. Bill & I have made it our resolution to become debt free and, with each other for support, we will not break it.

Q: In the spirit of Xmas, have you ever "re-gifted" (gave an unused/unliked gift you got the previous year to someone else the next year)?

(Hissy, nice to see your name appearing again, here and there)
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Regifted?!? All the time! Two weeks ago I gave a birthday gift I received to somebody else the same day! It wasn't really my style of decor, and was perfect for a friend.

Q: Do you shop online?
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No I don't shop on-line - I don't like putting my credit card info on-line

What is your favourite type of junk food? (Adrienne asks as she eats Fritos)
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Anything salty...I don't care much for sugary stuff.

Describe your ideal date...whether its with your SO or a dream date.
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Where you go or what you do doesn't really matter. It's having the air of a romantic setting that counts. You only get that feeling when somebody has really made an effort.

Q: What's your favorite season and why?
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Summer, because theres so much to do! I live close to a great number of beautiful white sand beaches and I love to go play in the water and make sandcastles with the kids Plus, a lot of my family have birthdays between May and August, so theres lots of celebrating!

Q- How do you deal with phone solicitors?
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The second they begin to stumble over my long Italian name, I cut 'em off at the knees! One of these days, I'd like to use the bit Jerry Seinfeld once used on his show with phone solicitors.

Q: What's wake-up time for you on an average weekday?
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