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The Carrier

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When we get a notice from the vet that it's time for one of our cats to be treated, we bring the carrier down from the attic and set it in the living room with the carrier door open.

The cats all eye it with suspicion, wondering who the unlucky victim is, but after a few hours it becomes just another toy, and when it is time to go to the vet, the "patient" can be picked up and "loading the cannon" begins.

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Pfffttt been there as well with my two Leonard!!!.

Sophies not too bad, but Rosie!!!

I had to take Sophie for her 6 month post spay checkup 2 weeks ago and as soon as i brought the dreaded carrier out Rosies pupils went huge with a look as if to say "Is it for me or Sophie?"

My vet said a while ago to leave the carrier open in their room and that way they would get used to it, but i can't bear to see the worried look on Rosies face

Soft, i know!
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I always leave the carrier out, and have bought a small baby blanket to go inside I also every once in awhile sprinkle some catnip in it. My cats have arguments over who gets to sleep in it. Milo spends the week at my clinic and comes home on the weekends, as soon as I put the carrier on the exam table Milo jumps in and waits till it is time to leave.
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I keep my carrier out too; I used to keep it in a closet. The cats would hide when I brought the carrier out. Now they are used to seeing it all the time.
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I know what you mean, Pet. Mine don't like the idea of being in it at home (when its MY idea), but at the vet's, the carrier is the lesser of two evils, and they try to get in it

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Mine like it everywhere, they just hate the car ride itself. Milo has just gotten to the routine that Monday morning he gets in the carrier and goes to his other home then Friday night he comes back.
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I have a picnic basket style carrier and the kids have access to it all the time, they like to jump in it and hide. They don't mind riding in it but it's those darn people in the white coats with the needles they don't like.
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I tried leaving it a back room, and for two weeks neither Merlin nor Hans would even go towards that end of the house! Poor things, they've both had surgery right after I brought them home, and they're scared to death of the carrier. I don't fight it, I just hide it away until the night before it's needed, and then I get it all set up in the back room. I make sure the towel's in there, the front door is locked, and the top door is open. That way all I have to do is grab and dump, and so far none of the cats have put two and two together.
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