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Manx adult with digestive problems

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Hi everyone: I have a 4 year old Manx cat (cute as a bug's ear) who is very robust and healthy. I did a great deal of research to find the best all around food for him. I chose Felidae. I had been told when I got him that Manx cats get "poopy" butt, but mine gets it almost once a month on average. His stool gets really soft, and then he quickly gets diarrhea, which lasts for the next few bowel movements.
Felidea has digestive enzymes, but I was wondering if there's anything else that could be the culprit. I have no plants in my home, and when I take him outside, he eats a little grass. I also give him cooked chicken breast occasionally. The only other culprit I can think of is the kitty treats he gets, and they are commercial, Wal-Mart stuff. My plan of action is to eliminate the kitty treats and start mixing his wet food with the dry.

Should I switch him over to another cat food? I appreciate all relies.

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I have given Buddy some pounce treats and every time his poo is sooooo stinky it makes me want to be sick. It was even rather runny one day. After cutting out the treats.. no more stinky poo. Perhaps there is something in them your Manx's gut just does not like. Now I am trying a diffrent brand of kitty treat.. tommorrow will be the test.. lol. *holds nose and hopes*

Good luck though with your problem, not quite the same exactly but maybe the same culprit.
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I am hoping this is only a cat treat issue. The treats are different kinds, but I guess the variety isn't such a good idea, even in such tiny amounts. This latest bout was after a week of eating temptations, which he loves. He only gets about 5 a day. I can't for the life of me fathom that Felidae would do this. I researched the food for 6-7 hours online and did more research today. I can't find a better cat food available in a pet store.

My other cat has no problem at all, except that she's fat. Perhaps Magnus' shorter spine contributes to the problem.
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I would def. deep six the treats, and see if that is enough to clear this up. If it isn't, I'd head in to the vets and see if ibs is an issue, or whether they feel this is related to his being a manx etc.

There are single protein treats out there, which is what I'd try instead of the usually high in sugars and grains treats...treats such as Grandma Lucy's, Rosie's Rewards, Kitty Kaviar, WildSide Salmon, Old West Baa Bits, the Whole Life line of treats, Dr. Harvey's Whisker Smackers...all are single ingredient, excellent quality treats.
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Where can I get these treats online?

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Just do a google search, you'll find a number of stores.
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I feed my Loki (Bengal) who has food allergies (bloody diarreah) Life's Abundance. He has not had problem since.

Take a look if you like:
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