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Boy is my arm tired

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Ms. Prowler goes in soon to have her spay.She is most unhappy because food and drink has been denied to her. I have a small glass of grape juice I am trying to drink and she wants it. Mike is laughing because i am holding it straight up in the air and she is climbing my head neck and arms trying to get it! When that fails she goes to the computer desk jumps up to try and bat it out of my hands and lands on my unsuspecting keyboard! I guess Prowler doesn't know grapes are toxic to kitties!
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Aww. Poor prowler. Poor kitty doesn't know the worst of it yet either. What time does she go in?
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Poor prowler She wants what she can't have, but then i suppose when your hungry you'd have anything!
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Poor Prowler! At least she's keeping you on your toes!
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I thought this was an "I just flew in from.." joke!
Awww, poor Prowler!
Sending good vibes her way.
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If only we could make our kits understand!
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i thought they were allowed to drink water?
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I am sure, though, that you will treat her like the princess she is when her spay is over and done with
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With my two Fwan water had to be removed at 7.a.m on the morning of their spay.
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Aw MA, what a picture!! Little does your little Orange Terrorist know! Good vibes to her for the procedure, and to you for the waiting.
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I love every little story I hear about her, she is something special, imo!

Sending soothing vibes her way, and wishing for it to be over, and her home again.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
If only we could make our kits understand!
I said that many times.

Sending good vibes for Prowler
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Poor Ms. Prowler. Did you have to use a ladder to finish drinking the juice?
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oh best wishes to impish, loveable Prowler. She'll sail right through and be up and about in no time! Sending big hugs to our little girl down there!
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Originally Posted by fwan
i thought they were allowed to drink water?
Most vets here say water is okay, but no food after 10 p.m. the night before. We had a cat neutered yesterday (caught outside wailing by the kid next door early Sunday morning) at 7 a.m., so they're supposed to be "sober" for 8 or 9 hours. I picked her up at 5 p,m, and took her back to the shelter, and she was famished - she ate a container of quark and half a container of cottage cheese before she quieted down and went to sleep.
Sending good vibes to Prowler, M.A.. Are you going to have to pay extra because she's in heat? The vet yesterday charged double the usual price!
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Good luck to Prowler (and you, while she's gone). Lola just went through her spay a few weeks ago. They sent her home with orders to "discourage excessive jumping and playing" AND a pouch of two things do not go together lol. I'm sure Prowler will be fine. Sending healing vibes her way!
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Little Prowler, you'll breeze right through this procedure and be back to yourself in no time at all!
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Well she scared me. I got her back and brought her home. There was an extra $30.00 on the bill for the heat charge. But when I got her home and looked at her belly there was bruising- something I have never seen before on any spay! When I put her on the floor, she collapsed and lay there trembling. Knowing she had received a post surgery pain shot, I kept my eye on her closely and she wasn't getting better. So I called the vet, who of course wasn't available and so I spoke with Sandie. Anyway, long story short, she was taken back to the vet and checked out to be sure she didn't have a bleed going on. She doesn't. It was determined that she was having a hard time waking up from the drugs ketomine and ace.

When last I checked, she was asleep in the carrier and is on the heating pad. All the staff fell in love with her-
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I'm glad she's settling down now...and I would think that a nap might be in order for you too at this point.
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Oh poor girl! I'm glad she's okay... and how can you not fall in love with her? ALL of us are in love with her!
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Aww...poor little Prowler-girl Hopefully a good night's sleep will set her to rights! Plenty of healing vibes coming her way!
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Poor little sweetie and poor MA! How upsetting!! I'm glad she's OK, and predicting that she'll be into everything again come tomorrow. Sending quick recovery vibes your way!
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Well she just ate and drank a little bit so I can now go to sleep.
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When Rosie was spayed, she slept on my lap practically all night once her paranoia had settled down, but in her sleep she started trembling as well, so i rang the emergency number and they said it would be due to the anaesthetic and to put a blanket over her even though the room was heated like a sauna.

She was fine the next day also.
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Glad you are both able to get a little sleep
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How is Prowler doing today?
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Originally Posted by hissy
There was an extra $30.00 on the bill for the heat charge.
That's not too bad. The extra cost here was $85. There was a "found" notice in today's paper, but if nobody responds, the shelter is going to end up bearing the costs for this kitty's spay.
Glad to hear Prowler is doing okay now.
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