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Sick and not getting any better

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I posted last week that the pharmacist told me a mark on my arm was ringworm..... well....
Saturday I ended up having to go to the acute care center because I broke out in a horrible rash all over my chest, stomache, and back. The alleged ringworm was on my arm. My throat was hurting so bad and I had a fever.
The doctor said it wasn't a ringworm that I have a virus called Pityriasis Rosea. There is no cure for it, it lasts for 6 weeks. The rash will get worse but won't go below my knees, elbows, or above my chin. It itches so bad and hurts too. The sore throat he said was coming from an actual infection like a cold. He gave me a zpack to relieve that. I took the last pill this morning and I feel MUCH worse. I can barely turn my head because my right gland is so swollen and sensitive. I have fever blisters all over my mouth and blisters in my mouth. I have an appointment at my regular doctors office today at 2:00. My whole body is achy and I have a very upset tummy I just feel like going to bed and crying.

On top of all this, I was driving to work this morning (I cannot miss any days this week we are too busy), and a woman hit the side of my car and took off! She was on her cell and was merging directly into me. She scratched my side mirror and bent it backwards. It was very minimal damage and I got her tag # and make of her car and wrote down the time and went to my office and called the police. They told me I couldn't get her for hit and run because I left the scene as well.

Ok, I just really felt like whining, sorry guys!
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Wow! Sounds like you had a REALLY REALLY bad day! I hope things start to look up, and you feel better soon!

With prayers,
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Im really sorry to hear all of this i hope things get better for you real soon and your feeling better soon im glad you got this off your chest thats alot of stuff going with you after hearing this it really mad me say (hugs) when i was reading about ring worm i said oh no but when i got to the part that it was Pityriasis Rosea i didn't know what to think at least it will be gone in six weeks please hang in there im sending good vibes your way

get well soon
ps sorry to hear about your car but im glad your ok
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Wow, what a day! That one ranks right up there with some of my worst ones. I hope your doctor confirms that your 'ok' and it will clear up. Hopefully they can give you something to help ease your suffering as well.

Get some rest and well soon, you will be in all our thoughts and prayers.
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I am sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment and what a horrible lady driving into you and leaving!

I can suggest that for your sore throat and mouth, use soluble paracetamol (not sure what it's called in the US) and swill it around your mouth and gargle with it - then swallow it. The particles in it will stick to your toncils and sores and the rest will provide some pain relief! (I had to do this for approximately a year when I had Glandular Fever)

I hope you are feeling better soon! Lots of Get Well }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way!
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What a day!!! Can you put on anti-itch meds??? Or cool washcloth?? Sending you some happy vibes...........
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Awwww Tanya what a time your having

I'm pleased your going back to the doctors because it sounds awful what your going through And it's not suprising that all you want to do is curl up and have a good cry because i'd be the same

Thats a bit off with the police telling you that as well especially when it wasn't you fault!, stupid woman

Let us know what the doctor says.
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I'm so sorry! You should be crying. What an awful time you are having. If I lived nearby, I'd bring you some Aloe Vera, some chicken soup 7-Up and some catnip for Dori. You will just have to have some virtual chicken soup from me and the five, though since we are not nearby

When it rains, it pours.

Hope you feel better soon.
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Good Lord, but you're having a bad day!!! I'm sorry you're feeling so sick, but I'm glad you're going to the doctor today. Maybe he/she can suggest something to at least alleviate your symptoms!

I would call the police again. That sounds like someone who didn't want to deal with you, and just blew you off. If you don't get the answer you want, I would ask to speak to someone with a higher rank. What did they want you to do? Pull to the side of the road, and wait for them? They usually don't come to that kind of thing anyway, unless there are injuries or the car is undrivable. I would talk to your insurance company as well. Often they can do something about it too!

I hope things start looking up soon!
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Originally Posted by captiva

You will just have to have some virtual chicken soup from me and the five, though since we are not nearby

Hope you feel better soon.

What a perfect thought - viritual chicken soup! Tanya! I'm so sorry - I know so well what it's like to have the pressure of being at work every single day with zero backup. Sending you HEALING VIBES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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They say when it rains, it pours. You didn't need a tsunami though!!! Eponine, Cosette, and I send our warmest thoughts and sweet kitty purrs.
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I really hope you get to feeling better very soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Aw, I'm sorry!
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I am so sorry for you, I hope you feel better soon.

As far as the lady that hit you - what goes around comes around.

Hang in there - things can only get better!
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I had that once and it is absoultely awful! I can assure you that in time (like doc said 4-6 weeks) it will go away and there will be no scars.
Hope ya feel better.
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Pityriasis Rosea... I've never heard of that before, but it sounds horrible. That's going to be a long 6 weeks. Hang in there.
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What a crappy day you're having!!!! I'm so sorry!!!!!
Just remember, they say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!
Or in your case, when life hands you rain, freeze it and make margaritas????
Feel better soon!!!!!
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aww what a horrible day - as if Mondays aren't bad enough.

I hope your day gets better and that you recover from your illness really quickly. I'm glad you weren't hurt when your car got damaged.

Loads of hugs coming your way
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awww tanya hope youre feeling better soon...though i know 6 weeks is to long!
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Along with Pityriasis Rosea, I have mono How the heck I got that I don't know. It looks like I am going to be feeling this way for a while now since there is no "cure" for either
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That's why these symtoms weren't going away! At least you have an answer now to why you've been feeling so awful. Boy, I sure am a bad nurse friend, I'm so sorry I never thought of that! Poor Tanya, please feel better soon.
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BUMMER! As if it wasn't crummy enough already! Tanya Sounds as if you're in for a miserable time for a while. Hope you can get some relief, and start feeling better soon. Please take care.
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I just read this now, and was glad to see you say you were going to see your regular doctor today, as I thought this sounded like more (really). Re the mono...please do what you need to do to get better...I don't know what the current protocol is, but I know it doesn't involve activties as need rest. I do hope your doctor prescribed some!

Sorry to hear about the car...I agree, I'd try the police again, and certainly give this gal's license plate number to your insurance company.

Is there a no cell phone while driving law in your state? If so, the police ought to take this a bit more seriously, you could have been really hurt by this idjit!
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Try to get as much rest as you can. Do popsicles help?
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Tanya, we are Pityriasis Rosea sisters!!! I am struggling with a bad case of it right now. I am so miserable! I don't have mono, though. How horrible for you, I'm so sorry!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!
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Sounds like you are really having a horrible time.
Sounds like you should still be on other antibiotics.
A Z-pack IMO isn't strong enough.
I just had a Z-pack for a bad cold I had and it didn't even knock the thing out.
How do you get this Pityriasis Rosea ??
Gosh, I pray I never get it!

The police sound like they were being royal jerks!!
I would definitely try again.
You have the license number for God sakes!
How can they dismiss this?
What were you supposed to do, pull over and sit and wait on a
cop to show up and tell him the same thing you did when you called.

I hope your luck and your health changes for the better real soon!!!
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At this point I am not even worried about the car thing. Normally I would be so mad and fight to make sure something happened but I just don't feel like dealing with it. There wasn't any damage but a small scrath on my mirror, so I am just hoping the "what goes around comes around" theory gets back to her.

I have researched the Pityriasis Rosea and it isn't know how you get it. It is mildly contagious of you rub someone's rash, but that's not the way you typically get it. It's just a virus and no amount of antibiotics will help it. Same with the mono.

Thanks so much for all the good thoughts. I am definately going to get rest and make sure I drink lots of fluids. I am adding some vitamins to my diet as well, and am going to try grape seed extract as well. I hope somehow I will be able to at least get rid of some of these symptoms.

Oh and popsicles sound like a great idea, I don't know why I didn't think of them. I bet they would help my mouth and throat feel better.

Kelly, I hope you start feeling better soon as well. How long have you had the Pityriasis now?
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Kelly, I hope you start feeling better soon as well. How long have you had the Pityriasis now?[/quote]
Thanks,Tanya! I've had it about 2 1/2 weeks now. For relief of itching, I always find comfort soaking in a hot bath and using Cortaid. It still itches when I use the Cortaid but it definitely helps! It has spread a bit up onto my neck and pretty much all over my torso. Luckily for us, it's not supposed to invade the face!!!
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I am not sure if this will help with the itching in this case or not, but last summer when I had a really bad episode with poison ivy, I found that taking some of the gel packs that you freeze and use for sprains, wrapping them in a tea towel and them putting them over the affected areas really helped to relieve the itching. I rotated the cold gel pack around the different areas - even slept with it at night - until it thawed then replaced it with another.

I do hope you are feeling better soon - that really is a double whammy.

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