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vaccination question

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Our new semi-feral kitten (about 7 months old) was spayed and vaccinated yesterday (rabies, 4 in 1). She's still lethargic, isn't that interested in eating, just sleeps and sleeps, preferably in my lap. The vet gave me a sheet of instructions about the spay recovery, and she's supposed to be at least alert and eating by now. She did eat a little, earlier, but only when we practically put the food under her nose. She's just apathetic about everything. Could the vaccines be making her sleepy?
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Yes, it could be the vaccines. She had a lot done yesterday between the anesthesia for the spay, and the shots. Cats all react differently to these things, with some coming around quickly, for others it does take longer. If you don't see signs that she's getting back to her normal self by tomorrow, give the vet a call - I know it'll be Sunday, but hopefully your animal hospital will have a vet on emergency service so you can at least ask for advice.

Best of luck with your new kitten! Hope she feels better soon.
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Mischka had reactions like that when I had all her shots done at once so from now on I seperate the shots by a month just to make sure we don't go thru that again! Best wishes and just keep an eye on her!
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So just to be on the safe side, I was looking for a similar thread-

I care for some strays and we spayed 3 yesterday, we buy the vaccinations and a friend helps me putting the vaccines while I hold the cats (1/5 of vet cost)

They are doing fine, eating etc.. can we vaccinate them now (4 in 1 combo - Fel-O-Vax ) or we have to wait?

Is easier now because they are already in the cages, so we do not have to chase them...

I do not want to ask the vet because then he will know that we are buying our medicine somewhere else and I live in a rural area where everybody knows each other.

Your prompt advice will be highly appreciated !

Thank you !

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