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I do know LINKIN PARK and it's more of a fusion rap, rock, very similar to old school House of Pain, Anthrax (haha), and Public Enemy (KILLER). Like I said, to me, fusion is awesome...when you fuse it's all about feel; playin' on the outside...it's such a groooooove on. I remember the first song I heard by Linkin Park, I couldn't wait to hear who in the heck it was...:laughing2 Shinoda and his best bud guitarist Brad Delson, put this together after years of jamming and I think the name of the band was Onyx...anyway, they did a lot of gigs and signed to Warner. I only know all this cause I remember the interview so well with this DJ in LA, they were so natural and seemed like such nice guys.

Oh, did I mention that I liked Michael Jackson too...:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

Love & Peace,
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Now that's opening a can of worms again...
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Gee, Cat! It has been a long time before I knew a real Michael Jackson fan. I remember when I was a child, I knew this girl who was totaly into Duran Duran. If you say anything bad about them, she'd get very offended. And if you say o I like them too. She will get jelous!
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I seem to have very different tastes from everyone else.

people whose CDs are currently in frequent rotation:

Alicia Keys
Erykah Badu
Goodie MoB
Jill Scott
Stevie Wonder
Leontyne Price
Gladys Knight
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I, too, enjoy Alicia Keys and Sade Adu!


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Don't know if there's any Bluegrass fans here,but I want to alert you to a "new" group from nearby St. Martins NB. They are called BLACK'S MOUNTAIN..a group of 2 pairs of sisters. They are real 'down-home" folks and on their way up.
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Hmmm KF, I haven't heard of them yet, but Krissie, I love Erykah Badu especially her song "next lifetime" (I think thats the title?!!!) and I also love Outkast...too cool....
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