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music taste

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Was wondering what type of music you all listen to? I can listen to pretty much anything, with the exception of country (YUCK), rap, opera, 50's. I listen to alternative. I like Creed, U2, Matchbox 20, some music by Fuel, Garbage, Sugar Ray (cutie), some music by Linkin Park, to name a few. But, I listen to anything that is on the radio.
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Oooo don't get me started!!! I love U2, Matchbox20, Gabage and I like Linkin Park too - though I have to be in the mood for them!!! I LOVE bands like Travis, Coldplay, Radiohead (I know i know...lots of people hate them..ha ha) and one of my all time FAVES is ALANIS MORISSETTE!!!!! Wooohoooooo I saw her in concert and she was AMAZING!!!! I love singing along at the top of my voice to all her songs!! I also like Bryan Adams, and a band called Rootjuice (anyone heard of 'em?!!) Reef...Chris Isaak....Grant Lee Buffalo (NOT country...kinda alternative) ...oooo I could go on forever!!! I have to say though, that I DESPISE most girl/boy bands!! for example....Steps....SClub7.....Backstreet boys....Nsync....etc etc etc... BUT, my all time HATE HATE HATE is.....Gerri Halliwell!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO turn it off turn it OFF!!!!
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Anyone else a Nine Inch nails fan?? I like Linkin Park, Nickelback, Powerman 5000,Crazytown,Finger Eleven,Econoline Crush, Blink 182 (especially the song 'What's my age again') and Insane Clown Posse (you have to be in an odd mood for them :disturbed )I'll listen to Marilyn Manson on occasion as well, but NIN is my absolute fave. Trent Reznor, what a hottie

Bodlover- who ever told Geri Halliwell she could sing???? Apparently when she was with the Spice Girls, they drowned her out in order to sound okay And I totally agree with the Boy Bands dislike. They are all carbon copies of each other. But, ya know, I'd rather listen to the boy bands than Country
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Ooo ooo I forgot!! I love Crazytown (butterfly is THE best song!!) and I love Blink 182!! Apart from the fact G.H totally sucks (in my opinion only - sorry if anyones a fan out there!!) it really bugs me how she had to get "thin and get naked" to sell her songs!! Ever notice how no-one liked her when she was still podgey?!! But now...now....shes anorexically thin and never fully clothed....everyone loves her!!! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (what a slapper!!)Sorry about that... I do get carried away!!!
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Tori Amos, Lifehouse, Jars of Clay, Nine Inch Nails, Mussourgsky, Tchaikovsky, Tool, Kansas, Godsmack, Prokofiev, Bach, Beethoven, Pantera, Michael Hedges, The Subdudes, Peter Gabriel, Yes (old), Genesis (old), Iced Earth, Dio, Deftones, Handel, Berlioz, Mendelssohn, A Perfect Circle, Danzig, Creed, Sevendust, Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsby, Randy Travis (on occasion), old Metallica, very little Rap, old Scorpions...

Shall I continue? Nah, I think everyone probably gets the idea here. Great inquiry!
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Hey Genesis aren't THAT old !!! I still have some of their albums!!! (and Im 19!!! ha ha ha) I also like Peter Gabriel....Sledgehammer rocks!!! Definate head thumping song!! ha ha ha
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The old comments on Genesis and Yes pertained to age of material...preference to early work in the light of newer offerings. I'm only 35, but I work with a couple of twenty-somethings that are stunned that I have a collection of 200+ VINYL albums. These poor kids don't even own a turntable.

There should be a career/term limit even for successful bands careers to keep them from continually reforming and putting out material that can't hold a candle to previous work.

Just my thoughts...

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STOP DISSING COUNTRY MUSIC! I mean the older stuff is hurting, but the new country (Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Sh'Daisy) is great. I also like Sugar Ray, Charlotte Church, Andre Bachelli, Abba, Great Big Sea(Canadian), Bare Naked Ladies (Canadian), Alicia Keyes, Smashing Pumkins, Smash Mouth. You name & I'll try it at least once, but please no gangsta rap!
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I like some of NIN music, Melissa. Blink 182 is a good band, too. I like the new one (can't think of the name, but part of it goes "... so here's your holiday .... your anger hurts my ears...been 7 years going strong") I like the song by Lifehouse (Hanging by a Moment). I do like the song, "Breathe" by Faith Hill.... pretty song.
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Ooo oooo Smashing Pumpkins!!! yeyeyeyeyeyey!!!! Tonight....tooooonight..... ok ok I'll stop singing now...
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By the way, I also like "Destiny's child" and Sugarbabes, though I have to say I thought both their albums were pretty crappy..... hmmm...now who else.....Counting Crows....Nirvana...(How could I forget Nirvana?!!!!! My fave is their Unplugged album...soooo chilled...) Bare Naked ladies (its been one week since you looked at me..... ) and one of my all time faves..... The Levellers!!! Oh yes... I always have trouble controlling myself at their concerts!! ha ha ha...I think my hubby nearly died of embarassment when he came with me for the first time!! ha ha ha ha h.... I don't care where I am - I'll "mosh" by myself if I have to!!! ha ha
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Most fav group of all time - The Indigo Girls. Most fav song of all time - Wild Fire. Love 70's rock
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I was a New Kids on The Block fan in my teens. I listen to mostly latino music but I will listen to anything but stuff from the 40's, heavy metal, and elevator music. I go through phases. A few weeks ago, I was listening to new age and new jazz music. Right now, I am into country and I love that stuff.
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okay, here's my weird combination: I LOVE hardcore (no, not Korn - that's not not not hardcore; I like stuff like dying fetus & chokehold) and oldies - but my favorite band is none of those, which is modest mouse! ohhhh yeah.
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I like Nirvana,Pearl Jam,Led Zeppelin,Hole(their older music),Garbage,Bush,Soundgarden,Alice in Chains.Mostly music like that.
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Sounds like we have some people with taste here! Nice to know there's someone who likes NIN.

Tigger- have a fave NIN song?
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I love NIN too!

I am more into electronica, Industrial mainly: NIN, KMFDM, Frontline Assembly, Ministry, Velvet Acid Christ, Cubanate, Revolting Cocks, Funker Voght, Project Pitchfork, Stabbing Westward, and love other electronica such as VNV Nation, DJ Teisto, Crystal Method...

Not really into Alterna-pop like Matchbox 20 and other similar bands, but I like Garbage, and a few songs like Staind's "Been Awhile", The Calling "Wherever you may go", Train's "Drops of Jupiter"

I also like Classic Rock

Really there's a song or two at least in every genre that I like.

NIN is probably my all time fave. I own all the Halos. I don't own all the albums for any other musicians.
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I like Smashing Pumpkins, too......
Melissa, I like quite a few of them, I just can't think of them right now!
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Illusion- Do you own the video Halos too? A friend of mine owns all of them,including one signed by Trent, not sure which one it is, the lucky sh*t. I'm working on getting them all! I really like the new song done for the Tomb Raider soundtrack 'Deep'. I like the Closer to God CD with all the different verions of Closer, especially the first one 'Deviation'. Of course, I have to be careful what company I'm in when I listen to that! It tends to shock people Do you listen to Manson at all? I've gotta be in the mood for him.
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Originally posted by Melissa
Illusion- Do you own the video Halos too? A friend of mine owns all of them,including one signed by Trent, not sure which one it is, the lucky sh*t. I'm working on getting them all! I really like the new song done for the Tomb Raider soundtrack 'Deep'. I like the Closer to God CD with all the different verions of Closer, especially the first one 'Deviation'. Of course, I have to be careful what company I'm in when I listen to that! It tends to shock people Do you listen to Manson at all? I've gotta be in the mood for him.
I think there's only the Closure video set, but I haven't bought any music in awhile. I shouldn't actually say I own all the halos, because I own them all up to Things Falling Apart, which I don't own. I also own the UK imports of March of the Pigs and Closer single sets, which aren't labelled as Halos, but they are halos and have the same songs as the US versions. I also have the bootleg Rusty Nails 1 and 2, and at one time owned the Broken movie (bootleg). I'll have to go download the song Deep now I'll also upload a couple of sessy Trent pictures and post in a sec

I like Manson OK, but don't listen to him much anymore. the last CD I bought by him was Mechanical Animals and quite frankly, it put me to sleep. Antichrist Superstar had to be his greatest album, but I have yet to hear Holy Wood.
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HolyWood is a pretty good CD, IMO. Its one of those CDs you can't listen to all the time though. OOOO Trent pics?? Gimme gimme :tounge2: I've yet to see a hotter man than him. Yummy. Where do you download MP3's ??I used to be a Napster addict, but it was down for so long I gave up on it. I use SwapNut mainly, but its not that great. Anyways...bring on TRENT!!!
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OK here we go. Had to change some of these from bitmap format whew what a pain.

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That's all I have for now.

I use WinMX and Audiogalaxy to DL music. You can get WinMX at download.com and www.audiogalaxy.com for AudioGalaxy.
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He is such a beautiful man. his musical talent is absolutely unmatched as far as I'm concerned. Thanks so much for the pics..I'm going to check out the download sites you mentioned. Here's one of my favorite Trent pics...(my real favorite is probably not appropriate for this site, its one of Trent blindfolded and chained to the ceiling in his Birthday Suit..although you can't see anything below his bellybutton)
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ok..one more,then I'm done...he's so sexy! He has a slight resemblance the Ethan from Survivor Africa I think..
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Tigger.....This is a GREAT thread!!!!!! Thanks for starting it!!!!!!

I love alot of music, and I probably will forget several of them, but the ones that come to me right away, are....

The newer stuff, and by newer I mean in the last 10 years, I love Sheryl Crow, her music deeply touches me....especially her song "You don't bring me anything but down"
And there are a few other newer songs out there that I like, but basically, I like the "older" stuff.....from when I was a teenager....

and might I add at this point that Bodlover, I didn't know you were 19, not that there is anything wrong with that, we should ALL be so lucky, but you seem wise beyond your years, and for some reason I thought you were closer to my age. How depressing to find out I am almost old enough to be your mother....:LOL: :laughing: (I am 36)
Who am I kidding...."almost" old enough....ha, I AM old enough.... if I had a child when I was 17, and many people do, I would be old enough to be your mother.
Well anyway, enough of that... My musical tastes are really varied, I have a Shania Twain CD, (Come on over) I think that's the title, but yet I hate most country.
I love the old rock, the old Metallica, (black), The old Eagles,
alot of the old 70's rock, and even 70's disco. Yes, I said DISCO!!!!
Gotta love that sound, the music, the total abondenment of it all....
You put on "Disco Inferno" and I revert from a woman back to a teen!! :LOL:
I am totally nuts about K.C. & the Sunshine Band, too....." I'm your Boogie Man" is my fav of theirs!!!!!!!!
That was music we could turn in and turn on to!!!!!!!
And totally Ted!! Love him! Saw him in concert...."Cat Scratch Fever" YAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Oh and Bill, you mentioned Genesis.....One of my favorites!!!!!!!
The "Invisible Touch " album was their BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, sorry...I am totally getting carried away here... :LOL:
I love the 80's music!!!!!!
Duran Duran, especially " Dance into the Fire" (anyone remember THAT one? )
Oh and Molly Hatchett...."Flirtin' with Disaster"... AWESOME song!!!

And ELO....( Elecric Light Orchestra ) "Don't Bring Me Down"

WOW.... the old stuff rocked!!!!!!!! And you could dance to it!!!!!!

What a trip down memory Lane!!! Thanks Tigger!!!!!!!!
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Oh, Oh, OH........ I can't beleive I forgot to mention one of my absolute favorites of all time!!!!!!!


I finally for the first time in my life saw them in concert last month, at Hilton Colliseum in Ames.......It was the best concert of my life, and we were really close!!!! Close enough to see his big lips flappin'...LOL *I love Steven Tyler, sigh*
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I guess I don't share my musical taste with anyone here! I listen to rockabilly mostly, Brian Setzer, Mike Ness and Reverend Horton Heat. I listen to a lot of blues and classic rock. I love old country music also. Faith Hill and Shania Twain sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I like some of the newer stuff, Staind, Creed and a few others.
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I ADORE Madonna, as a singer, woman, role model, everything. Even if she's hated by many people (or just because of that).
And I love k.d.lang's wonderful voice, and Melissa Etheridge's lyrics.
Listen to Dido (but she can't sing live! Have you seen Europe MTV Music Awards?), Shakira, and operas.
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My favorite musical artist of all time is Björk Guðmundsdóttir! I've eight of her solo albums, which means I'm missing at least one from her early work — when she was a kid. I've none of the albums from her days with the Sugar Cubes, either. (It's a cash-flow problem, you see.)

Other "recent" musical artists I admire include Cat Power (I've all her albums) and Jack Off Jill (I've only their final album). I attended a Cat Power concert here at Portland in August of 2000. Chan Marshall is wonderful!


Of course, as is the case with many people "my age," I love The Beatles! Over the years I've had just about all their albums; and, over the years, all those albums have vanished for one reason or another.

Apart from the above-mentioned artists, I enjoy most all forms of music — the exceptions in Occidental music being opera and country. Mind, I liked "Western" music when it was around (a long time ago). Where did it go?

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Ottorino Respighi's stuff. And Linda Brava is better, I believe, than the critics are willing to admit. Okay, enough from me already!

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