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i need to do it and i would love suggestions!

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This month is a very tight budget for us, we still havent gone for our big shopping this month so we are eating what ever is left in the fridge freezer before we really do need to stock up.
Point is im sure its the food also but..
I have put on a lot of weight since i moved house, not sure how much i weigh now but atleast and over 60 kgs. I know that this weight is very bad for my body because now my breast feel very heavy and have lots of pain, i can hardly sit on my chair for more than 10 mins before my butt/legs go numb.
I need to excersize but i dont have the money to go to the gym until next month,
I also have anxiety and very terrified of going outside just for a walk! (so i dont know how im going to go to the gym)

Can anybody suggest what excersizes i can do in a small appartment?
I need to do this, because i am making my self sick right now by not doing anything and eating too much.
I am willing to do anything except starve my self!!

P.s 60 kgs isnt much at all, but considering im so small 5'1 its not my healthy weight range.
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At least here in the states on over ten television channels are exercise programs. From low end areobics to more streneous exercises all on cable. Or if you can get Richard Simmon's video tapes he can motivate anyone!
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You're on a low budget, so that rules out buying any brand new exercise equipment. Do any of your family or friends have an exercise bike, or a treadmill or some other cardio type thing that you could borrow? That would be a good part of the solution. You're bound to know someone who has one just laying around and not being used at all. Unfortunately, that often seems the case with exercise equipment.
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Fran, I love Pilates. It's a great workout and not too strenuous at all. Here in the states, you can buy pilates videotapes for under $10(US). Good luck, I know you will be able to accomplish your weight loss goals!
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And watch your saturated fat intake!
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i forgot to mention! that i dont have a tv yet...
I saw the lady downstairs has one i might ask her.
or ask my MIL if she can see anything in the newspaper for free.
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You don't have a t.v.!, Fwan what do you do?
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I found that doing a Google search on "exercise in small spaces" that was the first thing that came up. You could probably find some stuff there. I was going to list more but my boss came in so I need to get to work
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Guten tag!

sausages will do that to you, I always GAIN over the winter months. Do you have stairs in your apt house? walking up and down steps is a GREAT excercise. Start slowly and don't overdue it. Even if you have a chair or small step you could step up and down for 20 min a day in front of a tv or something. Otherwise you could release a mouse in the apt, cat chase mouse, you chase cat !
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How about playing some music and dancing to it?? You could jump rope, do jumping jacks, sit-ups. Or walking/running up and down steps. Just remember to watch the fast food, junk food, sweets (like candy and dessert)intake. Drink lots and lots of water. Make a grocery list of food to buy before shopping.
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I love the dancing idea. Play some loud music and have fun!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
You don't have a t.v.!, Fwan what do you do?
She irons socks and undies
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Originally Posted by Rita
She irons socks and undies
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Oh Fwan, I wish we lived could walk with me. It really has helped me lose weight!
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You can also make an inexpensive set of dumbells out of plastic milk jugs filled with water or sand. I don't really know what the weight would be, but presumably you could fill them selectively to achieve the weight you wanted. Don't know if that will help, but it was the only thing I could think of that hadn't already been posted. Best of luck...I'm having trouble losing a bit of weight and getting healthier main problem is lack of time.
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Well first of all, if you're looking to lose weight you'll NEED to do cardio. Any strength type exercise that you do will help you to tone up and build muscle, but to drop weight the only surefire thing to do is increase your cardio exercise and decrease your calories. Start trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, they will help you with energy. Lay off the junk food and sweets. Drink lots of water. Like people before said, dancing around your apartment would be a great idea. If you do this you should set a time limit for youself and stick to it, that way you won't end up stopping after only a few minutes. The stairs are another great idea. You can carefully walk and/or run UP (I would only walk down, as it's very hard on your knees) the stairs in intervals. If you're not too anxious about just walking around your neighborhood, try just going for walks. You can start on short walks and continually increase the amount of time you walk for.

Now, if you would like to tone as well as lose weight I have a TON (and I'm totally not kidding) of exercises that you can do in your home with no other equipment but your own body needed. If you want to know any info on that, you can PM me sometime and I'll give you a list of things. Combining toning and cardio is always the best idea as it gives you the most complete workout possible.

I hope that helps a little bit. Let me know if you want more details on some toning exercises (a good chunk of the little money I make comes from teaching strengthening classes, so I have way to much experience in that area lol).
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Originally Posted by Rita
She irons socks and undies
I forgot about that!
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oh please :P we just havent bought a tv yet... so what :P

By the way im not a sweet person, its never on my list and barely in any cupboards
I only take one sugar with my tea, and other than tea i drink water unless im out.
Lol.. i dont know about running up and down my stairs in the appartment. This house was built in 1903 and you can hear EVERYTHING they do next door and downstairs. Yesterday we sat here hearing the neighbours bit***ing about their nephew hehe
well i think i will msg pixie dust with the other stuff.
Today it was a very nice day to go and have a walk. it was really warm if the weather is like this im going to go tomorrow
and by the way, i dont eat sausages here eww... i like the ones in england though
Thanx for your advice though
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Perhaps aerobic ironing???????
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hmm, i think you are all picking on me with the ironing factor :P
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Dancing is a great idea! Put the radio on and just dance around, its fun and it gets your heart rate up. The water idea is also good, it makes you feel full. I have heard that the colder the water the better, I don't know why though, maybe it burns more calories.
Also just cutting out eating at night helps, I know I am a fan of snacking at night, and that is not good for weight control. That is something I have been working on doing and it has been helping. Good Luck!
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Fwan, jumping rope is an excellent cardio workout!!! The dancing idea is great, too!!
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Originally Posted by fwan
hmm, i think you are all picking on me with the ironing factor :P
Yes we are but we are just kidding around
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