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Hello My name is Angela and I am from Bedford, Indiana. I have Jazz a Black Calico female (spayed) who is 13 years old born and bottle raised in my lap.

I also have Isis a Traditional Siamese Blue point female (spayed) I got from the local pound where if I had not adopted her she might have died due to poor management. Thank god they got new management in the pound now. She is 1 1/2 years old and I got her at 4 weeks.

Samona was just adopted she is a very pregnant turkish angora due any day. She is approximatly 2 years old, owner gave her up due to illness. I am not sure what the father of the kittens are but I can not wait to see them. I plan on spaying her after the kittens are weaned and if there is not many I may keep them all. I live on a farm and they would be welcome here. Of course they would be fixed as well.

Feb 2nd my tortise shell calico disappeared on me. She was my pride and joy indoor/outdoor kitty. She went out in the morning and we spotted her that afternoon but she never came in that night. Harley is 5 years old and was also born on my lap went through a divorce and move with me. I saved her life twice in her first 6 weeks of life and she will be majorly missed, but I am hoping that she will come home. All my neighbors know I have a reward out for her and the pound has pictures and knows of the reward.
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Welcome to the site Angela! Sounds like a wonderful kitty-family. How wonderful of you to adopt a pregnant kitty! I'm sure it will be a joy for you to have Samona and her kittens in your home. I hope Harley comes home...
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Thanks I am a bit worried about Samona. She is showing all signs of starting her last faze of pregnancy. She follows me around, looks in all doors and dar spots, lays around and not moves much although you can see the kittens moving alot. She hiccups at times and been licking her sides also. I do have a dumb question I have read about. Ear Tattoos? Are those like the notches they use for pigs or actuall tattoos? Becuase Samona has an ear notch. Left ear not quite at the point. I don't know of any Turkish Angora breeders in this area either although she could have been bought from elsewhere.
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Welcome Angela!
Hello too to Jazz, Samona and Isis!
Sorry to hear about Harley! Come home baby, your mommy misses you!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Thank you very much. I know Samona would say Hi and thanks if it wasn't for a belly budging out that makes her want to stay in one spot. lol The poor girl she is as wide as she is long.

Isis is hiding in one of my pomeranians crates curled up asleep, this is amazing. She is my devil cat, sometimes I think her head is about to spin. Runs through the house like a herd of horses and is plain out mean. You try to disapline her and it does not work. I do not know where this cat gets it from I have been nice and loving to her and she is so mean. I worry she will be a bad influence to the babies as well.

I do miss Harley alot. I had a major nervous breakdown that had my mother (who lives next door) over at my house keeping me from passing out as my nerves took it out on my body. Jazz stays at their house as she has claimed my father as her master.

My other animals include....... 2 Minature horses (1 stallion 5yrs old Lance, 1 gelding 14 yrs old Shadow) 2 Shetland Sheepdogs (1 surrendered show male 8 yrs old Dodger, 1 spayed female bought Desha), 2 pomeranians (1 neutered male Trey, 1 soon to be spayed female Laci) 3 cats (you know their names) 1 texas leucistic rat snake (male Stone), 1 parakeet and 2 pomeranians (1 male Walker and 1 female Daisy) in training for AKC

Trey is also in training for AKC in agility and obedience. Walker and Daisy are both being trained for obedience. I show and train AKC dogs and am in college for Web Design but right now I currently have no job becuase of school and medical reasons. So I am at home consistantly with all my babies.
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Hello and welcome!!!

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13 wow thats a lot to handle. i bet its always interesting at your house. and i know what its like to lose a cat my aj has been gone for 3 yrs now. hopefully harley comes home.
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Welcome to TCS, Angela! I would love to see pics of your kitties, esp. Jazz, and maybe a before/after of Samona & kits! Sounds like you have a very wonderful family of pets & people; I'm sure that is very healing for you. Being a student is a full-time job,not to mention the pets. I hope that Harley returns soon! Please keep us posted about Samona! Susan
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Hi & welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to another Hoosier!! Jasper and I live down by Evansville.

I know what you are going through with Harley. Jasper ran out the Tuesday before Christmas and was outside all through the heavy snow and sub-zero temps we had. (Iwas so happy to see him I bawled and got his fur soaked.) I also had Minx who was gone one summer from July 4 to the end of August.

Harley! Come home! Your meomwy misses you!

Our fur-babies are great therapy, aren't they?
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Wow what a family you have! Hugs & belly rubs to all! Prayers being sent for Harleys swift return! Welcome! I am donna proudly owned by Mischka & Linx!
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Hi there, welcome to TCS! Wow, you've got a handful of pets! They're very lucky to have found you!

I hope Harley comes home soon! And if she does, give her lotsa kisses & hugs! Hoping for the best!
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