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Hey! Need help with cat throwing up.

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Hello I'm new and just wanted to say hi and ask if anyone knows what I can do for my cat Toby who has been throwing up everyday. I've tried new food but it still happens. What should I do ??
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Welcome to the site! I split your post from the other thread, and will move it to Health & Nutrition so people can help you with your issue with Toby.

First some questions to help us help you find the right answers. Has he been to the vet recently? Does Toby seem to throw up right after he eats, maybe because he eats too fast or too much? Or is it later with some digested food? Does he have hairball issues too?
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Has Toby been tested for feline leukemia? That's actually exactly how we found out Abby had the disease- she was throwing up all the time.
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Welcome to the site!!!
It's best to get him checked at vet to rule out illness or food allergies and go on from there.
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Welcome to TCS!
When your cat is not doing well, a visit to the vet is always a very wise first step to recovery.
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Yes, you should take him to a vet. There could be a number of causes - my old cat Kirsty (now deceased) threw up regularly almost immediately after eating. It turned out she had food allergy to fish in her cat food. My cat Bear throws up, but when I examine it, it is generally a hairball (he is extremely long haired and even though he is brushed regularly he still ingests a fair bit of fur), and when Lion threw up white frothy liquid as well as food, he had pancreatitis and needed hospitalization and medication. So, a vet is the best one to answer your question.

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If he is eating to much to fast, try elevating his food a few inches off of the floor.

Does he have any other problems like stinky poo also? In combo that could suggest worms.

Changing food should be done gradually, have you switched foods often or lately?

Some foods do not get along with some cats, perhaps some ment for a sensitive tummy would help?

And most importantly, when is the last time he went to the vet and had a nice round of tests and an exam?
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welcome to the site!
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I think you answered your own question. If you changed his food, this very well will do it. As Cirque said, food has to be changed gradually, their stomachs are more sensitive than humans. Plus when they eat too much at one time they just throw it right back up again.

Is he throwing up hairballs or undigested food?

If it's hairballs that's ok, and better than if it got lodged in his intestines. If it's undigested food it's for sure he's eating too fast, or the food is new to his digestive system.

Hope that helps.
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I agree with ccoccocats.

Just one more thing...has your cat just starting throwing up or has he been doing this for a while (that would explain why you tried changing his food)?

When I first got one of my cats, Tiger, he threw up after every meal. After taking him to be examined by my vet, we learned that there wasn't really anything wrong with him except that he liked his food too much.

In other words, he would eat so fast that he would throw up two minutes after he was done. We started feeding him smaller meals more often and that solved the problem.

He still throws up once it a while but it is usually because we gave him to much to eat. Or of course, just a good old hairball.

We always loved Tiger but we enjoy him much more now that I'm not cleaning puke three or four times a day!

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