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Originally Posted by AbsolutChaos
Rishi, like a typical Bengal, enjoys water, so whenever the shower's running, he's sitting on the edge of the tub, peeking around the shower curtain at us.
Rishi also has a fascination with the toilet bowl. He watches it as though hypnotized, every time it flushes. We're still waiting for the day when he falls in...
Benji is a SPOTTED Tabby but at times I wonder if he has Bengal in him. He is extremly ACTIVE, loves water, and BOY can he jump! He goes out with a harness and leash on but that does not keep him from jumping over the fence and onto neighbors roofs or from wiggling out of the harness! He ALSO LOVES to play in the toilet, and in the sink AND with the TP! The other day I had just opened a new roll of TP and it was not on the roller yet so he swatted it into the sink and chewed on it there!

Benji playing IN the toilet

Benji says “Take THAT you old TP roll!â€
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Dori does this:

That is the bathroom door and it is just high enough that she can see over the shower curtain
OH how adorable! Oooops! I better not let Benji see that! HE climbs over enough fences and USED to climb to the top of the doors. Still DOES love to "fly" from the wall (short one) to the entertainment system and from the kitty post to the Fridge! LOL!Benji says “How do I get down from here?â€
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This is a great thread. I love reading everyone's stories.

Dinah always has to be with me when I take a bath. She doesnt care for the shower, but the bath, she loves. She will sit on the ledge of the tub or walk around it untill I am done. She is getting more uninhibited with the water each time I take a bath instead of shower. At first, she didnt want the water to touch her.. but the other day, she had her tail resting IN the water, and was dipping her paws into it. And when I drain the water, she will sit up, and stare at it draining, and once it is drained, she will go in to investigate.
I just love my girl!!!
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ok, not a shower story, but bathroom related...
Cable's been coming into the bathroom & raising up on her back paws so i can pet her face (Mouse also used to do this!) one evening, she actually jumped into my pants, went down my pants leg (cotton knit, stretchy!) & out the bottom... she looked rather confused afterwards!
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Toes sits on the side of the tub and opens the shower curtain to watch the crazy human getting weight. Although when he was little he LOVED water and used to take baths with me. He also sits on the side of the tub and splashes the water when I take a bath so he gets my books all wet. There is no closing the door on the bathroom when he's around because he will cry if he's in or out. The door MUST be open. Then when you get out of the tub after you wash up, he loves to attack a wet ankle. I've learned to drape the towel around my leg so he doesn't see my ankle.
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Onyx will stand on top of the shower door rail and make sure you aren't hurt. If you take a bath with the shower doors closed he will cry and pace the room because he gets worried about you. It is so cute! I don't know if he is really worried, but thats what it seems like to me.
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My Kitties wait for me to get out of the shower and then they all dive in there and try to drink the water around the drain hole. Its really gross :P
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Hummm what a question...... Milky hates the water, but he likes the sound of the shower, and he never loose one "sesion" of bath, he stay sit on the cover of the toilet and try too catch some drops of water....
I believe, on the bottom he think ¿why those people don´t take a bath like I (Using your tongue)??????
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