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I am going to try and borrow a friends digital camera this weekend.
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Tyson goes to the vet today for his eye. Keep your fingers crossed I can get him in the carrier and that he does well at the vets office....
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Tyson went to the vet yesterday and was a STAR!!! He was so good, I am so proud of him. The vet believes that he was born blind in his right eye and that may be why he was attacked and injured badly on that side. Poor Baby!!! He said it was a birth defect and he has a shrunken eye

The good news is that hes not in any pain so it may be worth it not to do anything. The Doctor said I could go either way, have the eye removed or just leave it alone, he also said it may be un-necessay right now. So, for now I am not going to do anything. Maybe sometime down the road I may consider having the eye removed.

I am just so happy that he is healthy and living the good life now inside, where all he has to worry about is being chased around the house by the beast a.ka. my roommates dog Fiona

Thanks for all your support and encouragement!!!! I will keep you all updated.
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Glad to hear it!
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Glad he did well at the vets! Did you manage to borrow that camera?
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I have to download the pictures to the computer. It may take awhile, as I am not that great at figuring stuff like that out...
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