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What is Something You Do For Your Cat.....

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What is something you do for your cat that other's would find strange?


1. I make the shape of a heart in his litterbox, with the shovel, after each cleaning; and

2. My bedroom is, half adult room furniture and, half complete cat kingdom furniture
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People will think I'm weird but in the summer when a moth gets in the house I help them catch it!!
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I occasionally buy potted mums for Mac. He LOVES them!

They usually stay half-way decent looking for about two weeks.
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I always give him a kiss and tell him that I love him and to be good before I leave the house... and I usually let him taste whatever it is I'm eating because he's nosy...
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I too give Waffle a kiss and tell her to be good before I leave the house. A lot of times I have a hard time leaving if she's been really lovey that day or if we had been playing. In that case it takes me about 5 minutes of goodbyes to my cat before I actually get out of the apartment!
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!. share my bed
2. give them my blankets
3. Kick out the wild dogs
4.buy them toys theyt dopnt need really.
4. let them sit on my lap while i got potty

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When I leave for work in the morning, I say "Goodbye." However, I also inform them if I will be returning home on-time, early, or late!!
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Oh, another thing.... Whenever I talk to Adrian on the phone, I'll put him on speakerphone and say "Malakai, papi's on the phone, say Hi" and Adrian will start talking to him... He'll sniff the phone for a while and then start looking around the room for him, then he'll go over to the door and look outside for him... it's so cute...

and I'll pinch his butt and say "culo!" LoL
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Originally Posted by stormy
People will think I'm weird but in the summer when a moth gets in the house I help them catch it!!
I do that too!!!

Another thing I do, it's our nightly routine. When I'm finished brushing my teeth I call them all up to my room (if they're not waiting at the bathroom door!) for their treat. After I give each one of them their treats I give them a kiss and tell them I love them.

Also, Chester loves to get up on my chest and knead my neck. If he comes in my room while I'm on the computer and he's looking rather lovey, I'll get off the computer and lay on my bed so he can knead! A lot of times he'll lay down and have a little nap too!!
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
When I leave for work in the morning, I say "Goodbye." However, I also inform them if I will be returning home on-time, early, or late!!
I do this exact thing, too!

Sasha has a daytime blanket and a nighttime blanket (Saba has stolen his old, shredded, soft white baby blanket for herself), and he likes a fresh "square" each day....because they're large, I fold them over in quarters or eigths. Sasha also likes a treat on top of his food, each time. And he loves to have his face brushed, but I have to warm up the brush, first , in the mircowave so it's warm (never hot, don't worry!).
Saba is still so new that she likes any kind of anything, anytime, she just loves attention.
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Well it's not really something I do for my cats but with my cats and that is take them to shows all around the country! They love it! For my cats though, I would give up eating food to feed them!
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I say goodbye to my kitties, too, if they're around when I go out. I have to look for Cindy, though, if she's not in evidence, because her little fellings will be hurt if she doesn't get her goodbye. We have a little cuddle, if she feels like it -- mostly she does, but not if it means coming down from a sunny window. I also tell her where I'm going, and in some form or another how long I'll be: "Gotta go catch mousies (go to work) -- see ya later -- take care of the house"; "gonna see Grampa -- won't be long"; etc.

I also let her know when I'm going up to bed, if she hasn't picked up on the fact, and ask her if she's coming, and if she "wants a ride".
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Feed them and tolerate them :P
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I cradle Joshua in my arms, on his back like a baby, when giving him his pills twice a day, and then I give him a tummy and side's massage with my fingers, all the while tell him he's a silly poobers and I'd like him to get better (he's currently not that stable with either his ibd or hypert, or?? causing him troubles).
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I don't often kiss them goodbye as they are often sleeing but I always say, hello and kiss them when I get home. And of course I talk to them like they understand me, all sweet and all. I don't think I do anything unusual though, probably just what most of us do...special toys, special treats, special pets and cuddles. Oh, I know what I do...I know not all owners can do this as I know some cats eat wool but each of my kitties has a special wool sweater in their kennel. My kitties like to sleep in their kennels, which I keep in our bedroom. They LOVE to snuggle on their wool sweaters in the winter as we live in MN and I keep it cool in the house. I get the sweaters at thrift shops. I also have these wooden trugs that I have donated to the cats. If they are not in their kennel you just may find one in one of the wooden trugs. In general, I just spoil the babies.
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1. I always say Good-bye to them before I leave for work and greet them when I get back.
2. I give them massages when I have time, usually 2-4 times a week.
3. I write their initials in the litter after I've cleaned it.
4. I buy them unecessary stuff....way too much.
5. I always make my boyfriend give them kisses.
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I thought of another I do:

I'll lean forward and put my left knee to the side and tap my back with my hand, while saying "UP"!
Then Angel jumps onto my knee then up onto my back and I give him a PIGGY-BACK ride throughout the house.

I kinda look like I'm walking like Groucho Marx.

My parents always say, why don't you hold him in front of you like "NORMAL" people do?
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I also help Summer catch flies and things in the summer.

I always give her a kiss, a little pet and tell her "Mommy will be back later. Be good. I love you." before leaving.

I also call for her as soon as I walk in the door, I call "Summer! Where is my Summer, my bray brat cat?!?!" when i get home. (even before greeting my b/f.

I also play hide and seek with her in the bathroom (she LOVES to hide between the shower curtains and jump in the tub).

I always scratch her belly when she rolls over anywhere near me.

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I leave the lights on and the tv on so they won't be lonely... hehe. I also kiss Tiger goodbye and say that I love him and to be a good boy too. I let him lay in the dryer after its not too hot and lay on my fresh new clothes because he loves the warmth... Strange...I know. I let him come in the bathroom with me because if I don't, he sits at the door and cries very pitifully.
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when i come home, first thing i do is pick up marsh and kiss his tummy.. about 10 times and kiss his face.. he's sooo yummy
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Originally Posted by starlie
5. I always make my boyfriend give them kisses.

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I also talk to Tiger because as long as I talk to him he talks back to me. We also have a routine that if I am in my bedroom and he walks in...he meows at me as if were saying, "Hey, what's up?" and I say hey back to him.
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Oh yeah...lol if he gets his claw stuck on something and is having trouble getting it loose, I help him and then kiss his paw to make it feel better.
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Rachel, Tiger is beautiful! What is he - a tabby - a golden one? I love tabbies. Is he in the photo Gallery so I can see more of him?
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Originally Posted by sashacat421
Rachel, Tiger is beautiful! What is he - a tabby - a golden one? I love tabbies. Is he in the photo Gallery so I can see more of him?

He is a red hair/orange tabby I guess...he was a stray. I found him when he was a little guy. Probably about 4 or 5 months old. I found him in November of 03. Here are a few pics of him...I don't know how someone else can view my photobucket...

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oh my! What an adorable boy. He is enchanting!!
1. To upload photobucket, just open a TCS session and thread you want to post in.
2. Then open a second online session in Photobucket.
3. Find the photo you want to post,
3. Select the 3rd option beneath the photo: IMG
4. Then, right click selecting "copy" across the IMG document path (in the "cell")
5. Then pop over to the open TCS thread and then click "paste".

Then select "preview message" in TCS so you can see your stuff before submitting.
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Awwww Tiger is a cutie!
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Suppose it depends who you ask as to whether or not someone would find this strange. Most of us probably see all of these as mandatory!
I also give Sierra a cuddle and a kiss when I am leaving, explain where I am going and what time I will be home. I tell her how safe and protected she is and leave her music playing softly for her. She also has her treatball to play with when I am away. Upon arriving home, we immediately cuddle and love!
When I am away, I call to leave her messages on the answering machine.
She often talks nonstop when I am on the phone because she is not the very center of my attention, so we have fun calling to leave messages for friends with Sierra doing the majority of the talking!
Each meal must be heated to the proper temp., stirred and place promptly on her dish elevator sitting atop her special placemat. She will only eat it if I am rubbing and talking to her. She must drink only bottled spring water from her Drinkwell.
Celebrate her Birthday complete with presents, singing, special feast, dessert, and a candle.
Spend more on Sierra for Christmas than anyone else, and each one most be perfectly wrapped.
Sierra will have an Easter basket. Similarly, we celebrate every other possible occassion.
I'll wait until I'm on my death bed to go to the Dr., but Sierra never misses an appt or check-up, and I'm ready to call the Vet. if she so much as sneezes.
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i say goodbye to socks and give him a kiss before i leave the house
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I kiss them both in their room before i leave and say "Be good girls for mummy, and play nice with each other!"

I always feed them before me even though their not starving like me!!

Such as now in the winter i set the heating to come on earlier than normal so they don't feel the cold!

Oh and on an evening i make sure i go to the bathroom before i settle down to watch t.v. because Sophie always comes on my lap and i hate disturbing her when i need to pay a visit!!
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