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I saw this thread and there is only one answer- Me! I cook, I clean, I wash dishes, I wash clothes, without me toast would be obsolete because no one else would bother to do all this stuff!
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OMG MA, you are NOT the oldest household appliance!

I guess it's my prairie kettle, does that qualify? I collect antiques and this is c. 1870 huge stove top kettle before we all had I guess it's an appliance? --you did say "oldest" and still boils water to this day! My Dad uses it when he drinks about 10 cups of coffee!
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What an interesting thread! All our stuff is fairly new since we have just moved in and had to buy new stuff since Mum split from her boyfriend, but the dishwasher that lives at our house is still in fantastic working order must be at least 15 years old, the only thing about it is that it takes AGGGGES to wash a load.
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Originally Posted by katl8e
My oldest household appliance, huh? Hmmmmm - that would be (scroll down)

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Gee can we count the old fashioned cast-iron iron I have that belonged to a great grandmother? I have no clue how they used it, assume it was heated on a woodstove first
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Well...I'm only 20, and in my first "real home" since the parents. Most of my stuff is brand new. Other than my Kenmore has to be in the 20+ range, because I remember it as far back as ever....and my sister (she's 27) remembers it from childhood too.. LOL
It's huge! It's ugly, and it's woodgrain LOL
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lol! I forgot about the sewing machine!! it's a singer from 1972. LOL
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I have just replaced our kettle which had developed a problem with the 'on' switch. It was over 20 years old. Not sure how old the microwave is, as it came from Doug's mother's house after she died in '94. She must have had it a good few years, and you know, it still works a treat.

BUT, I'd have to count Doug as my oldest 'appliance' - he is 45 and does all the dishes, so I could call him my dishwasher???

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Our oldest appliance is our freezer in the basement.....Jerry's parents got it when they were married and that was at least 43 years ago.....
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My oldest appliance is the fridge down in the basement. My parents left it behind when they sold me the house; it was from the 1970's. I think? May have been an early-80's friggy. It is almond with those fake brown wood handles.

My second oldest appliances are my washer & dryer that mom left behind, too. 16 yrs and still going strong, even after I put a freaking area rug into the washer & it threw it off balance. Shimmies a bit now.
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You know, I just realized that I didn't count my hand mixer, although I use it all the time. We got it as a wedding present back in 1980. My mom is still using the crock pot I bought when I was 16 (in 1973 ), and a percolator my husband bought in 1980. My sister, who sews a lot, still has my grandmother's Singer, which must have been bought around 1961, making it as old as she is.
I swear some of the appliances have a built-in self-destruct mechanism, as we lost a washer, dryer, range and dishwasher within a three-week period in 2001. The range and dishwasher were 19 years old, though, and bought at the same time.
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That would be our stove - we bought it in 1983. Next is the microwave, a 1989 Christmas gift. They both need to be replaced. Anybody want to buy us new ones?
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My philosophy of "if it still works, keep it" has meant some things have lasted a good few years. Our microwave was bought for us in 1983, and fingers crossed it's still OK, my electric whisk was a wedding present in 1974, it's not used as much as it was when the kids were small, but it's there when I need it.

The oldest thing isn't electrical, it's a 1930's fruit juicer from the USA, where you put half an orange for eg. in the top and turn the handle to squash the top down. You can still get similar designs in shiny silvery metal now, mine has peeling paint on the outside, but works just fine.
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OK, I just have to enter into this. I married my first husband in 1966 and we received a hand mixer. I looked for new beaters for it 2 yrs. ago and couldn't find any. The mixer was fine. My husband tried to "expand" the holes to try to fit new beaters in it and ruined it. Up until then it was working just fine - 37 years.
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Ours are all pretty new, since we bought a brand new house and had an appliance allowance. Probably the oldest is my sewing machine, which I got for Christmas in 1995 probably. Not very old!
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Wow!! That would be my hot water heater. It's orignial to our home which was built in 1980. After that, would be our fridge & dryer - they're 7 years old.

As for vac. cleaners.......I average 1 about every 18 months!
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