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Who's ready for Spring?!?!?!?!

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Ok, we haven't had a bad winter here in Southwest Virginia BUT I'm getting Spring fever so bad, I can hardly stand it!! We've actually had less than 2 inches of snow all winter but the temps have hovered in the 40's most of the winter. I can see the little buds coming out on the trees and I feel so giddy about warmer temps and sunshine!!! I'll actually be able to run OUTSIDE instead of on a treadmill!! Anyone else ready for spring?? I know you guys in the NorthEast are ready!!
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Me! Me! Me! Last week I was in France and the UK and there were trees in blossom and primroses and crocuses out, though it was still cold. And I came back here and it has snowed ever since. It is very pretty but I want warmth and colour so badly.
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I'm ready for spring and but it's only 25F right now and snowing again too I can't wait to see my springflowers popping out and to buy some ice-pansies
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Ah, yes, here in the UK, nature has been fooled, and we do have blossom, and bulbs flowering. But it looks like they're in for a shock, there's snow and low temps forcast for this week.

All those pretty flowers are going to regret their early appearance. But we can keep our fingers crossed that the forcasts are wrong. Always the optimist.
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New York didnt have a bad winter either, just the one snow storm... and I managed to keep from getting sick all winter which was awesome... but, I feel a cold coming on and I'm wishing that spring would come really fast...
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Spring.. it sounds so lovely. I am so tired of the cold and the snow, I can not wait for it warm up so I can put the air conditioners in and keep cool.
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Spring is my favorite season and I can't wait for it to come! But I heard we are getting a snow storm tomorrow.

Come on warm weather!! I haven't been to the beach in almost 3 years -- I need a tan!!
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I was ready for spring last October! And definitely ready at Christmas when we got 2 feet of snow. Really, I think I can do without winter temps.

But ------ this week we had a daffodil in bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was on the southside of the garage so out of the really cold winds. And leaves of the others are about 4 inches high.
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In the spirit of spring I am spring cleaning today. Maybe this will signal spring to get a jump start on the warm weather.
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Ten inches of snow, and climbing! We never get as much snow as we've been getting this year. I can't wait till spring arrives, but I have a feeling that it won't be until late April this year.
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Oh, yes, I just can hardly wait until Spring is here!
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I am, I am!!!!!!
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I was ready for spring in Jan! I hate freezing!!!!! We were having pretty nice days, not warm just no snow, but last night it started to snow again!!!!!!!! I hate snow so much and am so sick of seeing it! All it does is depress me and makes me want to tear my hair out!
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Well, I'm from the NorthEast and I'm so not ready for spring. I really enjoy the winter time and the brisk air and the snow and cuddling up at home. I've just been dissapointed we haven't seen much snow, although were suppossed to get several inches tonight. Spring is pretty, but I prefer winter.
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i cant wait! though we havent had any snow here since christmas day i think it was, but for the last week or so every morning when i wake up it looks like a summers day out! sun is shining, clear blue skys, though it is still freezing outside
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Here in the Ohio Valley, it's not been bad at all. We had one gigantic snowstorm around Christmastime (which was really cool!), and a little snow a few weeks later. It's not been that cold, and we've had a few Spring-like days here to hold us Cincinnatians over.

However I'm looking forward to Spring as usual. READY!!!
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I'm always ready for Spring. I can't wait, I hate cold weather so much. Plus around here, one day it will be cold and the next day kinda warm so there are all kinds of flu going around.
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I'm sitting at work and you can't believe how cold it is here!!

Because it's an old building and it's been closed all weekend it's always takes an age to warm up!, so with that, being 0 degrees and snow outside, i'd say yes bring spring on as quick as possible please!
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Ok guys, I'm going to count to three, and I think if all of us yell out,


maybe Mother Nature will take sympathy on us and hurry it along a little.....

Ok, ready???




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I know I should probably keep my Florida butt out of this thread, but I happen to LOVE spring! It's my favorite and I'm tired of our temps fluctuating so much! One day it's a high of 50 and then next it's 80! It's hard to plan what you should be wearing, and it's making everyone sick. So yeah, I'm ready for spring (though many of my fave events happen in Feb).
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I can't wait until it starts getting dark later and later.. I love it at the peak when the sun sets at like 9pm or so.. Right now it's staying light later than the dreader 5pm of december thank god but I still don't feel as productive and awake as in those summer months

Ahh!! I'm getting so excited just thinking of it
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I am so ready for spring, it isn't even funny.... I'm very Northern Maryland it has just been icky. Not good enough to be snowed in and cozy... not warm enough to be outside hiking... it's just been icky.

I need to get my landscaping ready for some outdoor photography sessions and open my windows so the kitties can get some air and hang out in them like they love to do
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I agree with the fluctuating temperatures I mean one day its 26 the next day its 9!!
I started seed 2 seeds ago even though I can't bring them outside into MAY!!!
But its 3 weeks until I go to the Chicago Flower Show-which will make me want spring NOW!!
THe 5 inches of snow we got on Sunday didn't help matters.

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i just cant see us having summer this year
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