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small business?

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I dont know if i ever mentioned on here that last year i wanted to open a website and sell the things i was making, jewelery and clothes.
Well last night bf did some research about work from home... and he spoke to his dad on the phone.
His dad has his own company and ebay is actually one of his customers
anyway he gave us the all go, to open a small business on ebay and on a website that i have been wanting to create for a while
so now we are starting to save money and in june or july it will be the all go to get our stock and start selling.
I dont know why im so excited. If we make a bit of money from it, in 2 years or so i can even open my own store !!!!!!
I know that a small business takes alot of work and time to keep it maintained and really watch out for the market, but we think that the first few steps like opening a small store on ebay will be useful, not only to learn and make money but so we have achieved a job together

So what do you all think?
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I think that's great! Good luck to you. I really hope it works out well.

My dad has owned a small business for 25 years now in the same town, so even though big business seems to be taking over, I assure you it can be done and done well!
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Good luck, it takes a lot of effort to be sure.I still have not broke even using Cafepress as of yet myself, but then again I don't work on it daily atm. It seems Buddy knows whenever I try to do something and comes to demand attention, lol.
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Sounds good, all the best fwan!
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thanx sam
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It's certainly worth a try. Good luck!
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Good luck fwan!
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I wish you all the best Fwan...owing your own business is exhilarating, exhausting and the more research you do ahead of time, the better. Three words...business plan and research. Folks think a business plan is just if you want to attract an investor, not so. It is like an outline for a book...it contains your 1 year projection of what you want to accomplish, what your estimated expenses will be, who your target audience is (who do you think will want to buy what you are selling, how are you going to present yourself to them), what will be special/the essence of your store that makes it different? Who is your competition, who do you admire and think is doing well in the area of retail you'll be in? Do you have an idea for a niche - a segment of the market whose needs you want to meet (i.e. on a business list I am on, one small business is doing extremely well in her niche of hairsticks - ornanate, gorgeous hair ornaments for those women with long hair).

It's okay to start your business plan small and simple - but as you run your shop that first year, you may redefine or simply refine, the direction you wish to take your store the second year..so you will adjust your business plan to flesh out what those changes will be, how does it affect stock, does it mean a web design change, a change of where you advertise.

I ***highly*** recommend this site:Business Owners Idea Cafe dot com and would be glad to chat via email or pm with you any time, if you have any questions.

I love owning my own business, and I bet you will too
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