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I am a Proud New Mama!

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Last Friday after getting off of work, a lady came to me and asked me if I wanted a cat. Since all of you are aware of my love for cats, I couldn't say no. And after seeing the kitten, I had to say yes. He is 6 weeks old and he is an orange tabby domestic shorthair. I just melted. He has bluish green eyes that were begging for me to take him home. The lady who is a vet tech, already gave him his first shots. He was really sleepy the first couple of days from his vaccines. I tried playing with him with the feather on a stick to help him stay awake for a while. Today he was acting like a kitten his age(running around, playing,etc.) I named the little one Rascal because that is what he is. He has the habit of licking me(not from being hungry,either.)on the face and hands. He also likes to cuddle up to me when I sleep or watch tv. And yesterday, he was running around and playing. Since he came into my life, I felt very happy. My spirits are up. The lady who gave him to me was very kind. I already have an unopened bag of Iams Kitten Food that I had when I had Jake. The lady gave me another bag. So I am covered for a while. I also give him canned food. She will only charge me $5.00 for each of his shots and she told be that their is a neuter clinic that charges only $15.00. So I am pretty well off. Rascal is very active and healthy. I am so happy and Rascal is happy too. He is always following and never loses sight of me. When he does, he cries. If I put him down on the carpet, he will climb back onto me. So our bonding is going off to a great start.
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By the way, I will be posting pictures real soon.
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How wonderful for you and Rascal!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations Nena! Glad to hear that Rascal is lighting up your life a bit. I know you needed that! Enjoy him, and please post some pics!!
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Thats terrific Nena!

Sounds like you and your Little Rascal are off to a great start!

Its nice that you can get discounted care too, that will help you so much as he starts needing vaccinations, neutering, etc.

Can hardly wait to see him!
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Nena - I am very happy for you and little Rascal!
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Nena!!!! That is great!!!!!! I am so glad Rascal has come into your life!! I want an orange cat so bad!! You are so lucky!!! My first cat I ever had when i was a little girl was orange, and since then I have always wanted one. I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love orange tabbys Can't wait for the pictures Congrats!!!
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Congratulations Nena !
How wondeful, I have a little orange terror as well, Roxane .
thats great news for both of you
Welcome Rascal

Its A Boy

Tish +
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Rascal sounds so wonderful! I hope you have many happy years with him.
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Neena; I, too, am very fond of orange tabby males. They always seem to be very affectionate. . . This is a picture of my MoMo (that Monster Boy) getting loving from Squeaker (one of my grey tabby females)
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Pics, pics, pics! I want to see pics Nena! :-))))))))))))))

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I agree, post a pic!!! PICS PICS PICS!!
We want to see him!!
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Nothing like a kitty to make a house a home!

And I just love marmelaide toms, they're so cuddly!
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YEY NENA!!!!! yey yey yey!!!! C'mon c'mon I wanna see some pics!!!!!!
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:Yaaaaaaay Nena!!!

I'm soooooooo happy for you sweetie!!! I just love orange tabbies and I know you'll have a world of love and fun with Rascal! They're soooo smart too and from what I've seen, very talkative...

Finally!!! Good for you!!!

Love & Hugs!
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For Debby..........

I have a 9 week old female orange tabby in mykitty condo as we speak. Should we find out the quickest way to ship her to you in Iowa???
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Rascal is doing fine. He eats alot and is getting more playful. Like I said in another thread, he likes to wake me up in the middle of the night to play.
By the way, does anyone know how to determine a 6 week old kitten's weight? The lady dosen't know Rascal's actual birthdate. I figured he was born in the middle of september. I need to find out so that I know when is it time for neutering and for switching from kitten food to adult cat food. That boy likes to lick me so much that I have to be sure its a kitten and not a puppy.
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The first thing you need to do as a new "kitten" owner is get a book that will explain all about kittens, what to expect, etc. This will tell you everything you need to know and it will also be a great reference book in the future.

Kittens are neutered not by weight, but by age. Depending upon your veterinarian's policy, kittens are usually neutered from 3 to 6 months. Their weight has no bearing on it.

As far as switching to adult food, Rascal is only 6 weeks old. He needs kitten chow and canned kitten food till he's a year old.

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See, weight thing made sense to me, because isn't that how they figure the anaesthetic? Even a local? Funny how disinformation gets spread.
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Well, this isn't misinformation. I got it directly from my vet (I called before I posted). Nena10 made no mention of anesthetic just the proper weight WHEN a cat SHOULD be neutered.

By the way Nena10, that's one of the first things vets do when they have a check up, get a weight on the kitty.
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anytime before performing any type of surgery so they can know how much medication to dispense. Kind of like when we go to the doctor's and we have to always weigh for them. If they need to give us a shot or whatever, they base the amount of what they are giving on what we weigh. But you neuter a cat when it is older, it has nothing to do with how much it weighs. My vet won't do them until they are 5 months old.
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I didn't mean you, I meant about the weight being a factor. I can just see a vet weighing an animal and pronouncing him too little to neuter (meaning too young) and someone putting the two together even tho' the vet didn't mean it that way. So I was thinking it would have been easy for me to tell someone "I read on my cat site that . . ." and be completely inaccurate. Because of course I assume you guys are experts!

My bad.
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Okay, I see now. Sorry about that.

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