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Wild and crazy cat!

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First, I just want to say hi, I am new to this forum. I found a link to it on another forum I post at.

But now, to get to the point...

My cat, Louise, is pretty wild. I have tried many things to get her to calm down. She is 6 months old, and will be going in to get spayed on Wednesday. Her personality is so unlike any I have ever seen.

She needs attention ALL the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME! When she doesn't get it, she destroys everything in sight. I repeatedly have to remove her from the places she is not supposed to go. I wouldn't mind her jumping up on the entertainment centre so much if she didn't go up there for the explicit reason of knocking everything onto the floor on purpose. And it doesn't stop after the first "no" or squirt. She jumps right back up after I take her down or squirt her! She is very vocal as well, and doesn't want to be anywhere but in my lap!

I have tried squirting her with water, I have tried two sided sticky tape. I use loud firm "no's", but nothing works. I don't want to get a scat mat, because they are much too expensive. I am at my wits end!

If I didn't know better, I would say my cat has a behavioural problem. I am not a vet, so I can't say for sure. It is almost like she needs to be attached to me at all times. She is very needy... I love her to pieces, and I would never dream of giving her up, but sometimes it is so hard to keep up with her and deal with her aftermath. I also have another cat, Buddy, who is 5 years old. They get along just fine with each other. I got Louise to keep Buddy company, but whaddaya know, it turns out Louise is the one who needs all the company!
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I now have 6 cats and I know what you mean. She is young and I think you just have to be patient. She is getting fixed and that might calm her down a little. She is a kitten though and boy do they get into everything and do it just for attention. Continuing doing what you are doing with saying no and getting her off furniture.Best of luck.

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Welcome Squinty!

Yeah, I also think the spaying may calm her down a little bit. How about getting another kitten for her? I know it sounds silly, but maybe Buddy is too old for this kitten's leverl of energy?

I hope you'll like it here - check out the other forums as well!
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Yes, it is just because she is a high energy kitten. It will calm down with age, but you need to continue with the clapping, loud noises and firm no's. She will get the idea as time goes on. Another kitten may sound drastic, but if you can afford the care and enjoy cats, it may be a good idea. In the mean time, you may just want to kitten proof the house. I know it sounds silly, but take the things she likes off the entertainment center. Or at least the stuff that is breakable. When she gets up there, give her a firm no and take her off. The other thing that works is double sided tape. They do not like sticky stuff on their feet. Best of luck to you!!
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My kitty was the same way when she was a baby. She would run into walls, knock over book cases, and break anything in sight. She was a terror all the time. Everyone told me wait till' you get her spayed. I got her spayed at 6 months and saw little to no difference in her. In time as your kitty gets older you will see a calmer cat. My cat will be 4 this year and she still acts pretty spazy sometimes, but nothing like her kitten years. The best advice is... patience!!

Good luck
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