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April's new little sister

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Ever since I told home my little baby girl my cat is acting a little strange.

For instance, whenever I nurse her (the baby of course), April always comes up to me and licks my lips or nose (she usually does that anyway but now it's when I nurse my baby). Then she licks her head and ear, which I thought was cute until I found red marks on the baby's head.

But my big problem is when I put her on her bouncer she swings her paws at her. I can't tell if she thinks the baby is playing with her or if she's getting my attention. What is she trying to tell me?
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I'm definately not an expert but I think she sees the baby as a kitten and is trying to groom her and play with her. Yes, she is probably trying to get your attention because she sees you as mommy too! When she starts licking the baby try to divert her attention and get her interest in something else. Also when the baby is in her swing try the same thing if that doesn't work you can put the kitty in another room for a little while.
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Congrats on the new arrival! You kitty is used to being the center of your attention and now does not quite understand this new arrival- there are several good websites that give advice-



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