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My Kitty helped me make a cake

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Good afternoon all cats and owners Happy Valentines day to all

Today I am making a cake especially for my fiance as a supprize when he gets home. He's not had a home made cake in ages and he is a huge fan of chocolate ones

Anyway i set out and started to make the cake and my little kitty Molly was determind to help we whether I wanted it or not. It was really quiet cute and I wish I had a digital camera as I would of taken loads of photo's. So this cake is going to be a very special one because its not only made my me but molly too. Shame molly can't eat cake but I am sure somehow she'll get a taste. You see she loves everything and even though we keep her stuck to her kitten diet she always somehow manages to eat of our plate whilst were not looking. So I am sure it will happen with this cake too

I just had to come and tell you all because it was so cute, she was following me everywhere, coming into the larder/pantry with me whilst looking for the ingrediants and she was even trying to help bless her. As i thumbled along the shelfs looking for what i needed she'd jump up and try and help. And when i was adding the ingrediants in the bowl she would be jumping up tio try and help and I think she even wanted to help stir it bless her. But because of her paws she had to watch.

I just love my kitty she is so cute and this is the first cake me and molly have made together! Now I just hope it tastes ok Yikes I best go its nearly been in for 25 minutes!

Take care everyone and have a lovely day

Eva and Molly xxx

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That's just so sweet, Eva! Molly, you're such a precious baby helping your Mommy bake a cake! How special, bet your fiance really enjoyed his wonderful surprise!
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Aww, that's so cute! Molly is such a good girl.
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What a cute story! Molly you're such a good girl to help mommy in the kitchen!!
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Molly can come back a cake at my home anytime!!
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so ceeeuuuute!!
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I really enjoyed helping my mommy make the cake for my daddy. it was lots of fun but I didn't like getting flour and coco on me I am happy to help any of you make a cake for your mommy or daddy cause its lots of fun as logn as we can get a human being to help uz. I love my daddy and mommy

Kisses Molly Moo xxx (mommy calls me that and I like it)


Yes Molly helped me make the cake and it really was very cute. I just wish i had a camera to capture it and show you all!
The cake was so light and fluffy that when i got it out it crumbled apart...very nice cake though but I couldn't put it back together or had enough time to make another one. But Molly was the first one to be eating the crumbs of the floor...bless her!

Molly is being so cute at the moment but so is eviecat...they must love us a lot!

love and hugs Eva xxx
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Sure hope you'll come over some time and help me make a cake for my Mommy, Molly!

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