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Stomach Flu

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I got it. UGH. Any suggestions on what to eat or do to ease my tummy and to make the bathrooms visits less often? I haven't thrown up, it's coming out the other end if you know what I mean. DH wants to cook pork for dinner and that just grosses me out right now.
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awww, bummer.....
I just did this....I dont really have any great advice, but I think that pork dinner might not be the right way to go....just stay hydrated is key, dont force yourself to eat if you aren't up to it...

and just in my experience, dont take too many drugs (immodium, etc) because you can really screw yourself up that way, let it run its course if you can...

Feel better soon...it shouldn't hang out too long, mine was about 48 hrs
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Oh no that is awful. I have also had it recently and as Dharon said try not to take many drugs as it ****s you up just let it run its course. I hope you start to feel better soon and it calsm down/ I remember when i had it and my bottem got so dam soar and I used tons of loo roll in the end it was just to painful to wipe myself. i do hope it doesn't get that bad for you too.

I can totally understand how you feel about that kinda dinner I think that is a big mistake. Keep to plain things like water to drink and plan food like toast if you have to eat. Even a few days after I advise you don't each rich foods like that cause I had a steak and the next thign I knew I was puking out on end and uno at the other.

Hope you feel better soon, sending lots of get well vibes and hugs

Eva xxx
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eat rice in vegetable or chicken stock.
you know those cubes that you buy and just put it in a pot of water.
then cook the rice and add it in, dont add salt.
it has to be simple and watery.
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Awww Ericka, sorry to hear that, but I seem to get it all the time. Just ride it out and it gets better................
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you poor thing. cant really add anything because everyones already said what i was going to!

i always try to keep eating. one it cheers me up, two the bug gets out of your system faster, three NO CALORIES! lol
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I'm sorry you're not feeling well.
When I get the stomach flu I always need orange ice pops, orange Hi C, and saltines. Hope you feel better soon!
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Please feel better Ericka!
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My son had this when he was 7 and couldn't stop being sick. The doctor gave him diarolyte (one of these powders you mix with water to replace essential minerals and give a bit of a glucose boost). He was to stay off food until his tummy felt more settled then eat dry toast. If he kept that down, he was able to eat a light meal of chicken and rice or white fish.

Hope that helps and that you feel better soon. Poor you.
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Well, I'm feeling better, but pissed off DH when I wouldn't eat the pork. I put it into the fridge to eat for later and he threw it away. I had rice last night. Tonight I'm trying a little fish and veggies. So far, so good.
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My mom would always keep me filled with gingerale when I had a stomach bug. Hope you feel better hun.
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