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Ouch! My tailbone!

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Due to poor posture and many many hours of essay writing, combined with more than a few falls on my bum, I have obtained a sore tailbone over the last number of years. Normally I can explain why though, "10 hours of writing, man my chair sucks" or "maybe I shouldn't have fallen on that ice down those stairs yesterday". This time, not so much.
Last week, I was over at my boyfriends and we had a lazy day, and I mean a very very lazy day. While he spent most of the day playing video games, I went from his bed where I was laying and reading to his livingroom floor where we watched a movie. The next day I woke up with a sore tailbone, and it's been about a week and hasn't gone away!
I've complained to my chiropractor about it before and it's almost as if he ignores the problem and foccusses on my more urgent problem of between my shoulders. I figure it's because there's not much he can do.
Anyone else experience tailbone pain? Have any suggestions as to how to make the owie go away? I'm pretty sick of this, it makes it hard to sit, stand, and walk...ok, so it makes it hard to do everything!
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Well, if the chiropractor thinks there's nothing wrong, it could be just "buttocks fatigue" Try flexing your bumsies several times a day. It might help.
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Have you had an X-ray or MRI taken of your tailbone?
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I fell on mine when I was in the 8th grade. After months of complaining that it was sore, my mother finally took me to the doctor, and it had indeed been fractured. I had to sit on an inflatable ring for months and months afterward. It is so you can sit without pressure on the tailbone. It was not pleasant.
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I broke my tailbone last year...on my birthday. I went skydiving, and botched a landing really, really badly. I ended up with an icepack down my jumpsuit backside and then, just because it was my birthday and I didn't want to be a wussy, I jumped at sunset. And was in agony the entire time. At least I didn't tank that landing...My friends and I went out for dinner afterwards...there was a designated driver, so I had 4 double margaritas. I still hurt, but I didn't care.

I came home, took a shower, went to bed, and couldn't get up the next day. I literally couldn't move. I had some pain meds on the nightstand next to me, so I took some...and then managed to get up, call my Dr., who said "there's nothing really we can do. I'll refill your vicodin rx..." For literally the next 2 full months, I walked badly, slept badly, and sat in only great pain. I could stand, but other than that, it was amazing pain. It hurt to use the potty, too...

The coccyx is one of the most painful breaks one can get....and if you broke it, and it's healed incorrectly, you will have pain forever. Chiropractors are great (I went to mine today), but sometimes you need an MD or osteopath for something like this.

Good luck...

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I bruised my tailbone late last year, I've never been in so much agony before! I hope you feel better soon.
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Ow, that must really hurt!I've landed on my tailbone so hard and had the biggest bruise on my bottom to show for it! I couldn't sit right for weeks! I had a friend who slipped on icy steps while holding her baby. She held on to her newborn baby who was not harmed, but fractured her tailbone. She, too, had to sit on a donut ring for the longest time!
Perhaps you would want to go get it checked out?
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I suppose I could try going to the MD's, the problem is the one I have is completely incompetent, but maybe, just maybe he might have some constructive advice and send me somewhere reliable. It's funny, it doesn't hurt so much when I first get up, but man it aches in certain positions at the end of the day.
I think I really damaged it a few years ago when I slipped down some steps going into (of all places) the local bar near my school. I was more worried about the giant bruise on my buttcheek and it went away eventually, but ever since then this inflames every once in awhile. I guess I did something to it at the time, but I just figured it was a bump and not to worry about it.
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I can sympathize with you. Not long ago I sat for way too long in a hard chair and boy did I pay for it for about 2 weeks. For some reason it is back this week, but thank goodness not as bad. Hang in there, I know it sucks. Sorry I don't know of any remedy.
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I know how it is with those old injuries that get re-aggravated. I injured one of the hamstring muscles way back about 1978!! On tuesday I wore shoes that I don't wear alot this time of yr-the cleaning crew buffed the lunch floor-I slipped and almost did the splits-and was in agony for the next 2 days!! I've heard of the do-nut thing before. My sister is a coach-I should ask her what you can do-PM me if you want that.
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Sitting in the wrong position or on a hard chair will aggravete your tailbone.

I fell asleep sitting on my couch, and as I slept, I slid down. I put pressure on my tailbone for about 2 hours while I slept. I felt it every time I sat in a hard chair for the next week.
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