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Tax Refunds

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Just checked the IRS website and mine is due to be deposited on Friday!

IRS Website
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Hurray, Robin!Boy, I sure do need to get my taxes done...
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Ack, I am checking that out when I get home tonight!
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Great Robin! Now I wanted to talk to you about a loan ........
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We got a HUGE surprise when our State refund was already deposited! Colorado lets everyone file their taxes online for free, but they say to check back in 10 business days for the status. It hasn't even BEEN 10 business days since we filed!

Unfortunately, the most fun we'll have is maybe going up to the Casinos one day...the rest is going to bills and savings.
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Originally Posted by KittyKook
Just checked the IRS website and mine is due to be deposited on Friday!
Oh sure, just rub it in my face! I can't do mine yet because my last job mailed me W2 form to my last address, even though I called in June to correct it with them.

I'm also wondering something... when I started my new Job in May I think I had 1 allowance, and then I guess in October or something I changed it back to 0. My last job I had 0. So how would that affect me? I know no one probably knows or even gets what I'm saying... but it's bugging me!
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