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I want one!

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"They'll Rust, but They'll Never Run Away!"

LMAO.That is cute.
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Oh my, what next?!
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I want one too!
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That IS really cute! I wouldn't mind having a couple for my flower bed.....but I just checked the price and they are $96.51 with shipping! I guess I'll have to pass for now.
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I'd love one of those - but they are so EXPENSIVE!
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I like different looking things
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Originally Posted by hissy
I've seen cheaper versions of that during last summer. Mostly at garden centres and the such. They're not as intrequite, but they're still really cute. You might want to keep your eyes open as spring arrives
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me too!, me too!
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Here are some more
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i want one, too - but i wouldn't waste it outside! i'd keep it inside where i could look at it!
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Awww.. How sweet.
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That's cute, I want one too.
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One of these would go real well with my shovel bird (bird statue made out of a shovel, rebar and a bike park).
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How cute! I want one too.
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they are cute, but dont you think they look a bit sharp to be outside?
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Make it a prize for a contest winner!!
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Oh they are gorgeous!
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My mom has one in her garden which looks almost exactly like that. It isn't fluffy, but don't those fluffy tufts look a bit dangerous, anyway?

I can't remember where she got the cat yard art, but she put it in the garden because it reminds her of me.
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Originally Posted by babygirl
That's cute, I want one too.
look here! i found a similar one for only $29.95! it's from a place called Ginny's. just FYI...
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