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Trapping HELP!

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Hi yall, as some of yall know this past sun. was my 1st time attempting to trap my ferals for neutering etc...

Well I managed to trap 2 kittens but all the adults were to clever or unsure .. whatever they never even went close to the traps! So my question is what do I do this week ??? The same just feed them & put the traps out sun. nite again .... should I stop feeding them for longer than a day so they'll be super hungry? Do I put out the traps to where they wont go off so they get used to them ??? HELP ??????

I have another appt for 2/14 and then the next neutering clinic for ferals isnt until the first, 2 mondays of March. I really want to get atleast a couple more done on the 14th !!!


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make sure you wash your traps off good with hot water and dawn detergent. Then let them air dry. Spread one thin layer of newspaper on the bottom of the trap right before the trigger. The sprinkle some soiled litter there. They should go in and investigate the scent and try and over power it.

You can also spray the cage well with Feliway spray, though it is expensive. Chances are they saw the other cats get trapped and they are leery. You can also make a drop trap- the instructions can be found on alley cat allies web site. I'll see if I can scare up the link

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We sometimes use a strap to tie the trap open for a few days prior to actually trying to trap them and feed them inside the trap. Gets them used to going in and out of it. Wait a few days before you try this and clean it out as Hissy suggested.
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Thanks ladies!! And thanks for the website Hissy ... I do have the adobe reader
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Try some good stinky food! When I make myself a tuna sandwich, I pour the juice into a bottle and keep it in the fridge. Then I warm it up and pour it over the food in the trap. I also warm some fish canned food before I put it out. I've caught 2 this way. Unfortunately, it wasn't 2 that I wanted to catch. They had already been trapped.
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thanks Ill try that this coming sun!!! thats how i ended up catching Coal .. i dumped some dry food over top the fish i had in there .....

I'll try the tuna juice &/or warm fish .... will let you know how it goes!
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