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is this normal?

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is it normal for a neutered male cat to mount a female spayed cat?
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kerry - normal or not I do not know - but my oldest male cat will periodically do that to a female in the house. Left over instinct?
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It depends on where the male was positioned in the uterus and how old he was when he was neutered. I know, it sounds funny but if first in line, they usually recieve a higher hormone level. If a male hits sexual maturity before being neutered, they usually will remember everything and continue with the behavior.
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I am not sure if you can really put a normal, or not normal tag on this behavior.
It is an instinct behavior and therefore part of their nature.
I wouldn't worry about it too much, my Midnight when he was alive used to mount one of my fluffy slippers LOL.(now that is abnormal behavior)
We got him neutered when he was 8 months old, as both Sandie and Debra have pointed out there are a lot of contributing factors to this behavior.

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My neutered Maine Coon (who was neutered at 6 months of age) occasionally tries mounting one of my spayed girls and I was concerned about it until someone told me that it's a dominance thing, it's him showing her *who's boss*
The only thing is he's so sweet and docile that I found that hard to believe. He's just so easy going and lets the girls push him around.

I had also heard that if the vet only finds one of their testicles when they are neutered, the other one could be inside of him, and therefore the cat would still be prepared to mate. But I did ask the vet if they removed 2 of them, which they said they did. I would think that if the vet only found one, they would have said but I thought I better make sure.

I have a 20 week old British Shorthair male who is due for neutering soon, so we'll see if he does the same thing!

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thank you everyone for replying to my question,its lovely to know i can come to this site and you all try helping each other,you have all put my mind to rest,many thanks once again.
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The neutered males of any species can develop so-called castration cells. These cells are often found in association with the pancreas, miles away from where the testicles once were. They produce a small amount of testosterone, which can result in some masculine behaviour. I had a gelding once (castrated horse) who would actually get an erection and attempt to serve a mare, and he had definitely been properly gelded, not "cut proud". Most geldings of course, or the neutered of other species, don't exhibit the behaviour as strongly as this.
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