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Originally Posted by captiva
(I'm doing this for Ryan - )


Ashley couldn't have picked a better person as you can see! You are just so wonderful to check on me and my kitties! Not only do I admire you for what you do for TCS but also admire your real life work! Give Sierra a big kiss from me! Then give her five more from each one of mine!

P.S. - How's the laptop?
For a second there I thought Stephanie had posted that.
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Originally Posted by Hydroaxe
For a second there I thought Stephanie had posted that.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
Tee hee! Hope she liked her sample!
Ooooo, yes, Pat! If I had known how much she would enjoy her sample of Grandma Lucy's Roasted Chicken, I would have ordered an entire package! I'm not sure, in fact, if maybe she loves it just as much as her Salmon!
Thank you so much from my sweet baby girl!
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You're so funny, Chris!I hope you already know just how much I value you as a friend! I look forward to our constant communications and care for your babies as though they were my own!Thank you for asking, the laptop was fantastic! Oh, how much more pleasant my night shift was spending it here with you guys!This laptop is going to be my lifesaver as I work these night shifts! Lots of kisses back to you and your babies from us!
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I'm sorry I missed this thread yesterday. I will just say this really quick. Ms 'of Sierra' You are a wonderful person, and I am really glad to have met you.
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Stephanie I am so very glad to see your name here as there just isn't enough to say that's good! It's endless! You are one of the most giving and kindhearted people in the entire world. I remember so well when you came aboard! Sierra is a gorgeous girl and so lucky to have you. You have such a deep and empathic bond with her and the halo around you both is so very bright! I hope you can take time from your overly busy day today and see how much yu are truly loved 'round here!
Sasha sends winks and kisses to his southern cousin, and little Saba is just starting to realize how many friends she has in the world. If they both could be with you they'd enjoy your gentle, nuturing hand and great sense of humor, too! - and your decadent cookies!
Love your friend always+++++,
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Tia, you are one of the most caring, loving, people I have ever known! Your emotions run so deep, and you are so eloquent in your expression, you often just take my breath away!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Tia, you are one of the most caring, loving, people I have ever known! Your emotions run so deep, and you are so eloquent in your expression, you often just take my breath away!

Thankyou. I could easily say the same about you too. I tried to sum it all up as short as I could.
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Elizabeth, your friendship means the world to me, and I could go on all day about how wonderful, loving, empathetic and sincerely caring your are!You already know I love Sasha so very dearly, and have now adopted precious Saba into my heart! : As she listens to her lovely The Healing Harp CD so generously sent by her cousin Sasha, Sierra sends extra sweet love and snuggles your way!
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Stephanie, you just rock. Your love for your Sierra is so touching and as you know I trusted you right away! And that says a lot. Kudos!
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You're so sweet, Tia, and you have such a way with words!
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stephanie is one of the kindest members i've met. she always has a kind word and helps out anyway she can. her messages always make me laugh and never fail to cheer me up. her baby sierra doesnt know how lucky she is- stephanie even puts a sign on her door warning people that sieras timid and not to come into the apartment without her!

i cant think of anyone better to be a mentor than stephanie
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Stephanie, you are a wonderful person. You are one of the best Meowmy's there is, as Sierra knows it. You always know what to say, and you are as sweet as can be. You have a pure heart of gold.
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Okay... I get it... Duh!! I thought this was yesterday's thread cuz it said 03.02.05, I'm used to it the american way... 02.03.05... I feel so smart now, I guess I didn't have to sum it up really quick, so that I wouldn't end up bringing up a day old thread, and pushing someone else's feel good day aside...... did that make sense? (Yup, I must be still sleeping)

okay then...

Back to what I was imagining I would have said if I had found your thread on the right day... DUH

Miss 'Of Sierra'

You have made me laugh, when I wasn't in the mood. You made me smile when my smile was a frown. You were there for me when I felt like I was wondering through 'ground zero' trying to pick up pieces that were all scattered. You are such a wonderfully funny person, who in one night, made me realize that people do actually read my posts, and my words. What a wonderful caring person you are, and how lucky you and your sweet Sierra have each other. Sierra is certainly one lucky cat to have a mamma who is completely in love, and happy being owned by one single cat.

Thankyou so much for the many e-cards you've sent me (I have never sent one, I always want to, but I don't) I am sorry I never thanked you before, I don't check that mail much, so I missed them until recently. THankyou for being you I know that I am not the only one who has been touched by your wonderful caring personality.
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Stephanie was one of the first people here to make me feel welcome. She has been helpful in too many ways for me to mention. Oh, i wish she and I lived close to one another! I'm sure we would be the best of friends.
Love, Bobbie
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oooo I adore you stephanie!!!!....You are so sweet and caring, you made me feel totally welcomed when I came to TCS, you made me feel that I could come to you with any problems, and having somone to listen to you is a great comfort. You have always gone out of your way to make Myself and others feel loved and cared for................
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Congrats on being nominated Stephanie, you really deserve it!!!

What can I say that hasn't already been said?
Stephanie I can tell by your post that you are a truely caring soul, who has helped so many here. And you always give great advice and have warm words of encouragement to share. Thanks for being here!
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Oooh Sierra - you've got to make a real fuss of meowmy because this is her special day and we all know how much she deserves it. Stephanie you are a lovely, lovely person. You were right here to welcome me when I first joined TCs and have been there ever since. You are sweet and kind. Ashley nominating you was just perfect - enjoy your day .
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Stephaine this must be such a wonderful day for you and Sierra! You truly deserve this honor. You were the first person to email me after I joined here and I felt very welcomed by you and of course it was so nice to meet someone who shared the same special bond with there kitty as I share with Sash. You are a very kind and sweet person and always make everyone feel so welcomed here. I think it's so wonderful all the time and effort you put into this board and getting to know everyone. I'm very glad to have gotten to know you better.
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I'm going to put my 2 cents in again. Everybody is probably familiar with the phrase, "She doesn't have a bad bone in her body." That phrase has often popped into my mind when reading Stephanie's posts!
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Stephanie is, without a doubt, one of the most loving and caring individuals I have known. She always finds something nice to say and goes out of her way to give "warm fuzzies". Her posts on the Bridge forum are always lovingly worded and compassionate. And the way she worries over her Sierra is simply wonderful. You can tell how much she loves her furry friend. As Mr. Rogers might have said, "Thank-you, Stephanie, for just your being you!"
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Congrats Stephanie,

I love getting private messages from you. I wish I could meet you in person.

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Originally Posted by jcat
I'm going to put my 2 cents in again. Everybody is probably familiar with the phrase, "She doesn't have a bad bone in her body." That phrase has often popped into my mind when reading Stephanie's posts!
That is definitely the truth, Tricia!
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Wow, you guys, I'm just absolutely speachless! I litterally have tears in my eyes and am just at a total loss for words! Sierra and I have been lying down in our efforts to get a bit of sleep before tonight's night shift, and I've just logged back in to read this incredible outpouring of love, support and friendship, of my. Will reply properly individually after getting to work. Wow, I sure do love you guys!
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Stephanie, You are truly what we call in the biz a "real nurse" the highest compliment to be sure. If I was in a coma and suddenly awakened to see your face, I know I could rest easy in your loving hands. You spread your care throughout TCS, feline or human you are always there!
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Stephanie, you are a true sweetheart! You're the kind of friend that I wished lived just down the street from me. Thru your posts, I see that you have a good, kind, generous heart. You're a wonderful person who deserves wonderful things in her life.
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I love this over five pages of tribute to a lovely person. It couldn't happen to a nicer person in my book. Steph, someone once shared with me that you must have been a nun in your other life- you are pure of thought and deed and I couldn't agree more!

I love ya kid!
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Wow, you guys, Make a Member Feel Good Day has certainly succeeded. I must be lighting up the neighborhood, my heart is glowing so brightly!I am just overcome with emotions from reading all the love that has been sent to my sweet baby girl and me in the past 24 hours!I really love you all so much, and this site and the bonds formed here mean so much to me. I am truly blessed beyond words to have you all in my life, whatever would I do without you!
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Nicky, asking for no recognition whatsoever, you put yourself on the line and go out of your way behind the scenes to ensure that no member is cruelly fooled or their baby harmed due to the malitious intentions of any individual.

Jenny, I remember the day you joined us, and since that day, we've seen you mature as you strive to learn more and more about the best care for your very loved Princess and Orei!

I see where you're coming from, Tia, I'm not sure what today is myself! As I said before, you are an amazing inspiration to us all with your poetic words, always spoken at just the right time. You are incredibly empathetic and feel deeply the emotions of the person to whom you are speaking. It has many times been shared with me just how much it meant to individuals to have you there for them giving them strength when they needed you most!

Bobbie, I just know we would be great friends and would go walking together every single day!

Bridget, you certainly are so loved and cared for, and I constantly look forward to out talks! I enjoy every one of our talks, and just love our opportunities to share! Thank you so much!

Every single day, Diane, I look forward to our Cat Quote of the Day, and if it's just a little behind, I get concerned it may not arrive! It always gives me such a cheerful feeling and I often share it as I interact through my day! You have started such a wonderful tradition! Thank you so much for your kind words to me, and for being here in our family!

Thank you, Beth! It may be me daily making the fuss over Sierra, but my sweet baby girl makes every single day for me so very special!

Lisa, from the day we met, I have admired your intense love for precious Sash! Due to the extremely particular care and immense love you have given him every single day since you came into eachother's lives, he is litterally a walking miracle! He is your son just as Sierra is my daughter, and we have always felt such a bond with eachother because of this! I've so much enjoyed every moment of our getting to know eachother!

What a lovely thing for you to say, Tricia!

Amie, how sweet of you! That's just so special, and yes, my baby girl is truly the love of my life!

Nancy, of how I would love to meet you in person! Felicia and Beau are so precious, and I have developed such a strong love for them both! I enjoy our every interaction, and constantly look forward to our communications! You are such a very interesting person, and I have thoroughly enjoyed our getting to know eachother!

You're so sweet, Cindy!

That is such an incredible complement coming from you, Barbara! I respect you and your genious mind so much! Your clever, well thought out advice from your years of experience and pure intelligence is always so appreciated, and you constantly keep me laughing hysterically!

Kelly, I sure wish we lived down the road from eachother, too! You are so observant and considerate that you often pick up on the seemingly smallest things to offer your support and encouragement! These things are what really mean the most, thank you!

Mary Anne, you know how incredibly much I love you, and will forever stand in awe of the amazing loving, gentle, wise, (I could go on and on), woman you are!

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Congratulations Stephanie... if I had enough money I would go down to the Carolinas with Patches and visit miss Sierra and You. Take care hon.
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