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Make A Member Feel Good 03/02/05~ DAWNOFSIERRA !!

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Trust me when I say that it is SO hard to choose the person of the day... but I decided and its.....



Stephanie, you are more than deserving of this day because you are such a beautiful person. On every part of TCS you are there to welcome, give excellent advice, support and care for each and every member no matter what.

I will never forget the times you helped me out when I needed it most. Thank you seems so little

AND you have the darling Sierra
I admire you more than you know, and am so very proud to call you a friend

Enjoy your special day my friend
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i agree!!!
she was the very first before the crash to help me out around tcs!
She is wonderful
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Stephanie my friend!, i've shared a couple of phone chats with you and you are one of the most thoughtful, kindest, warm hearted souls i know on this site!

Never have i seen you lose your temper with anyone here, and the most precious little thing you have that we all know too well is your baby girl Sierra!!

Your so lucky to have each other!

Enjoy your day sweetie!
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Stephanie, every visit to TCS is special with you on the boards. You are warm, kind and give the best of advise. Your precious Sierra shares a special place too. A beautiful kitty for a beautiful person!
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Ashley, you are the one who is beautiful, my dear friend! I love you, Baker, Cola and Tango so much!
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Fwan, you and Teufel are such a joy!
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Stephanie - it brings a tear to my eye to see you with this special honour - and you so deserve it!!

Although we are seperated by many oceans I feel so very close to you & Sierra - I feel like we have known each other forever.... since day 1 we just clicked and I have very much enjoyed our regular phone chats.

you are a beautiful beautiful person Stephanie, always there to give a lending hand, a smile, or a shoulder to lean on. You have been there for so much with me and so many other members here.... I just love you Stephanie
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Susan, you are such a dear friend, and you already know how much I look forward to talking to you every day and the love that Sierra and I have for you, Rosie and Sophie!Yes, I am so blessed to have my sweet baby girl!

Thank you, Yayi, you're so sweet! You, too, make TCS such a wonderful place to be!
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You already know, Dan, just how much I love you and your boys! Yes, from the moment we met, it has been as if we have known eachother our entire lives.Some weeks, you and I speak more often than I speak to anyone in my own family!You are so dear to Sierra and me!
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Great choice! Stephanie, you are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and caring people I've ever encountered, and a wonderful "meowmy" to Sierra! I'm so glad you're a member here, and always look forward to your posts.
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Perfect choice!! Dear dear Stephanie.....words cannot express what a sweet, special person you are and how much we all love you! You are a very dear friend who I am so grateful to have!
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I am so pleased that you are the choice. Stephanie, you are one of my favorite people on this site, although I love them all! You are always so sweet and patient. I am thankful to be part of a forum with members such as yourself! You are a beautiful person with a cat that seems to mirror your beauty and sweetness exactly!!! Congratulations Stephanie and Sierra!!!!!
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You are a great mentor (as are you too Cindy) Just in case you are lurking! And Steph,
you are a good friend as well. I was touched when you reached out to me when I was hurting about Blink even though you were going through your own trials with Sierra. That meant a lot to me. I look forward to our conversations, however they take place, and I am always impressed by your goodness, your grace and blessed by your faith in God. Thank you for being my friend, for listening to others, and helping them through the rough bumps in life without most of them knowing the speed bumps in yours. I do think that you are pure of spirit and of thought, and that my friend is hard to come by these days.

I wish you the best and hope another job arrives for you soon and your life can settle down a bit from the uncertainty it is facing now~
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I am just seeing this! You are a very sweet woman, and we almost share the same birthdays and our love the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
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Thank you so much, Tricia, you're just so kind! Hope you realize just how important you are as such a wonderful Mod and friend to us here! My most valued role in life is Meowmy to my sweet baby!

I feel exactly the same about you, Susie!Feel so great to hear it, though! Thank you!

How sweet of you, Stevie! You are such a valued, special member here, and we are so thankful for your presence. Such lovely words for you to express for my sweet baby girl!
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MA, you have brought tears to my eyes with your loving words. Yes, I share this wonderful role of Mentor with our spectacular friend, Cindy! We could all exceed the limits of space allowed for TCS posting what an incredible woman you are! (Let's not try it today, though, guys, wouldn't want to crash! ) You have proven to be such a true friend in my times of need, always here for me when I need a friend and come running at the first sign of my needing advice for my sweet baby girl, not to mention all you do for every other being with whom you come into contact! In all this, you're so humble, you would never take credit for even one of these! Sierra and I send so much love to you, my friend!
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Ashley Well done!
Congrats Dear Stephanie, what more can I added? you simply are a lovely, warm & tender person, no body can say Stephanie doesn´t have a Smile in her face when you talk with her!
God Bless you & Lovely Sierra Too Dear Stephanie!
Enjoy it!
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Thank you so much, Kellye!Yes, how exciting that we share the exact same Birthday! I was so happy to hear we share our love of the RHPS, that seems so rare these days!
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Hi, Rigel!Aren't you sweet! I sure do have a great big smile on my face right now!You're such a dear and have been so helpful to me as I attempt to learn your beautiful language and customs! What a joy you are, always bringing happiness everywhere you go! God bless you, too, dear Rigel, as well as Gema and Milky! Sierra sends sweet snuggles to each of you!
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Stephanie practically owns the wavey and the clap smiley and I don't think she'd be any less friendly outside TCS. She cares for everyone here almost as much as she loves her sweet kitty Sierra, and we know how much love that is. Stephanie always has something pleasant or supportive to say and no one ever feels left out when she's around.
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Ahhhhhm I've been waiting for someone to pick you, dear! I know that I don't tell you enough how much you and your friendship means to me! I don't have a lot of close friends, and most of my friends in RL don't understand how I feel about my kitties, but you do! You are one of the sweetest, most wonderful, supportive people that I have ever met, and I thank my God above each day for bringing you and your sweet Sierra into my life. You were there for me and Charlie when his mom was so ill and passed away, and I will never, ever, forget that. Thank you so much for being who you are every day, and thanks so much for being such a wonderful mentoring partner.......I think its great that we even think alike so much of the time! Enjoy your day, my dear, and give that sweet girl of yours some love for me!
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That's so sweet, Ryan! (she struggles not to use the wavey smilie ) Ok, so I really enjoy our smilies! This is so special for me to hear you to say, as I truly do love everyone here, and strive to help each and every member realize just how valued they are here!
You have been such a help to me at all hours! You have my computer running clean as a whistle and zipping right along! Thank you so much for always standing by with answers to my how to computer questions! Your lots of fun, and oh so talented in your work! I've really been enjoying getting to know you over the past couple of weeks and look forward to continuing our friendship!
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Aw wonderful choice! Steph, you're such a great friend! You make the time to follow up and see how a person is doing, you're such a generous giving person and you're so very sweet. I don't think I've ever read a negative post from you, even when everyone else is attacking a person. How lucky we are to have you on TCS and how lucky *I* am to have you in my life now!
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Stephanie, you are so deserving of this! I am always in awe of your gentle nature, your sensitivity, and your ability to soothe a member when things are bad. You are an angel! Always a friend, you make new members feel welcome and oldies-but-goodies feel special. This board would not be nearly as special if you were not a part of it!
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Oh, Cindy, talk about bringing tears to my eyes...I need a tissue...It just touches my heart to hear these words from you, my sweet friend, and I echo your sentiment right back to you! It is you, precious Cindy, who is so incredibly wonderful and supportive. Anyone hurting and in need, we can be completely assured that we will see you offering love and strength. You are here for me absolutely anytime I need you, and you seem to always just "know" without my saying a word. It is truly amazing how very often we do think alike, isn't it! I could imagine no finer partner and no greater friend than what I am blessed to have in you, Cindy!
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Ari, it is I who am fortunate to have you in my life! You're just so sweet, and we have such fun together with our daily talks, not to mention our baked potato diet!Just took a rack out of the oven, are you hungry? Sierra and I care so very much for you, Bay, and Max!

Thank you so much, Sarah! I've enjoyed getting to know you from the very first day you joined us! You are so considerate, and such a joy to be around! You already know precious Riley and Amad have stolen my heart, and I just could stare furever at your adorable siggy!
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Ah shucks we think you are the "real deal" in a world of phonies...enjoy this special tribute, you deserve it!

Skritches to your sweet Sierra,
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That really means so much to me, Pat! Sweet snuggles to you and your precious babies! ( if I can get Sierra out of her fresh bag of Wildside Salmon, that is! )
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(I'm doing this for Ryan - )


Ashley couldn't have picked a better person as you can see! You are just so wonderful to check on me and my kitties! Not only do I admire you for what you do for TCS but also admire your real life work! Give Sierra a big kiss from me! Then give her five more from each one of mine!

P.S. - How's the laptop?
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Tee hee! Hope she liked her sample!
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