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be seeing you

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finally i will be back online, and able to catch up with all you beautiful people
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I'm so happy to hear that you'll be back soon! You have been missed. I'm sorry that we haven't talked more lately. I've been a bit of a hermit. Just not feeling like myself. Since work has been so draining, there doesn't seem to be much left after the day is over. I'm really looking forward to having your input on the site, and reading your posts!

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Hi Blue,

Nice to meet you!!
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Or it will be Oct. 31st when you come back to see your old friends. you have been missed Blue!
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If you had said April 1st, I'd think you were pulling my leg.

See you real soon, or will you be spending the first month catching up on every thread you've missed?
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It may take you a month to catch up, but we are looking forward to having you back!!
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Welcome bacl Kate! Great to see you online again! We need to hear some updates!
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Glad to hear you're coming back. I've missed you!

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I am glad to hear you will be back!!!!!!!! We have missed you!!!!!!
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What an EXCELLENT reason to CELEBRATE!!!!! Sweet blue returns. . . . I missed you! I have not been on much lately, but I am trying to get back to my old self (oh NO!) also. I just don't seem to have any energy these days. . . . . But, enough about me; let's CELEBRATE!

I miss everyone!
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We miss YOU too, Darlene! *HUGS*
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Is it October 31st yet?
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I'll just sit here and wait until Blue gets here. Is she here yet?
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You can always go into the archives and read Blue's poetry till she gets here!
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Yoo-hoo, Blue are you here yet?

*looks under bed *
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only 4 more days :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

hey Colby, are you on vacation right now? i tried to reach you
at work yesterday but they said you may be on vacation

miss you all
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I am on V-kay but I'm back Monday.

give me a call this week.

hope everything is GREAT with you!
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PM me when you are back for real.
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YIPPEE ! SKIPEE! 4 Days and counting. . . . . !
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I've missed you and I'm happy knowing you'll be amongst us once again! (I'll save the Blob-O-Rama for your official return.)

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Is it TRUE, is it TRUE; only 3 DAYS til' BLUE (!)

"Am I blue(?) Am I blue(?). . . . "Ain't the tears(of JOY)in my eyes; telling you(?)"
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Blue, all of us who know you are anxiously awaiting your return!!
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Only ONE more day before our Blue returns!!!!!

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I hope she doesn't come back "In Disguise" (given as how it will be Halloween) :bat :bat :bat :bat I want to know where she is the"Minute" she is back. . . . :pinky::pinky:
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Her style is hard to disguise! Hurry back Blue you have been missed
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The sun will come out tomorrow....

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun

Cause Blue will be back!!
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Hey Blue,

Did you know you're returning during a full moon?? Yahoooo!!!! Can't wait!


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Is Blue here yet?!?! Is Blue here yet?!?!

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Trick :witch: or Treat ?

Tomorrow is the day...Welcome back Blue!
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it's the 31st!!!!!!!!!

Blue, where are you?!?!?!?! Are you here yet!?!?!?
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