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$26.99 Cat House!! Amazing!

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We went into PetCo today looking for deals on cat scratching posts after visiting PetSmart a couple of days ago. Much to our dismay the "good" looking stuff was all 100 dollars or getting close to 200 dollars! After looking around a bit, and finding things generally cheaper at PetCo then they were at PetSmart, we happened upon a single cat "house" scratching post without a price tag. Knowing it was beyond our limits but still wondering just how far beyond, we asked a sales clerk to get us a price. He looked the item over, found no tag on it and then brought back a hand scanner.. and a ladder. It seems there was one other one left high up on a shelf. He lifted the house up and looked underneath and there was a sticker.. $139.99 !! OMG! Nooooo. Oh well.. I started to walk away and hear "Wait a minute.. its on clearance. It has been here awhile.." *Quick turnaround* "Oh?!" ... Come to find out it was only $26.99!!!! "We will take it!" "Which one do you want?" "The one on the ground over here".. (It looked newer and not so "ratty")... We quickly made our way to the checkout counter, paid and got the heck out of there before they told us there was some sort of error. I would imagine the one up on the shelf was the one on clearance and ours did not have a price because it was not supposed to be on clearance..(cause it looked newer).. but who am I to argue with a sales guy telling me I can save $110+ dollars!

Needless to say this thing rocks, Buddy has already been inside to explore the catnip I spread inside and has not come out since. Yeah for PetCo! You rock!! *Grin*

Enjoy Buddy! You got one hell of a deal my furry friend!
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What a fabulous new house for Buddy, K.C., Elmer, and BooBoo, and wow, what an incredible deal!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
What a fabulous new house for Buddy, KC, Elmer, and BooBoo, and an incredible deal!
Actually just Buddy, Kc is declawed and scared of Buddy.. hes not fearful of anything himself. And the other two have gone away to play on the rainbow. But I am sure they are smiling at all the fun Buddy is having

..Edit.. was having.. now hes chasing his little fur ball toy around ignoring the house! I should have just got him a cardboard box!!

Edit.. now to show me he loves it, as i type that he jumped back in.. and as i type this he jumped back out.. lol.. ok I guess hes not done with his new house yet.
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WOW!!! Thats awesome! And the house is awesome too!
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Buddy won the lottery! Yahoo! Besides the words cats and parrots ... sale, clearance and free are my favorite words!
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OH MAN - you got one heck of a deal
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Originally Posted by sassykitty
OH MAN - you got one heck of a deal
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What a great deal! I've been looking for one like that for Miko but the shipping rates for Hawaii are insane. Hopefully I can get my Dad to build one for me instead.
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Great find!
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Wow!! That's great!! I've been wanting to get something for Malakai but I'm sooo broke, I'm lucky I can feed us... Actually, you know you love them when they eat better than you do... When I go to the supermarket, I come out with more food for him than myself... He's so spoiled but I wish I could get him something like that to keep him busy and off my bookcase!! LoL
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How cool is that???? What an awesome deal!!! I'm jealous!!!!
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I love the house it's so cute top deal nothing I like better than a good deal
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Great looking house! Bargain, too!
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Just wanted to add that I'm totally jealous - I'm dying for a cat house and especially for one that price!
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Man! You got the deal of the century! I'm constantly amazed at the outrageous prices they charge for scratching posts and cat condos. Makes me wish I had the means to start building them myself...think of the money to be made there!
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wow that is a bargin and then some
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