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House Rules....

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House Rules for my Human

1. Keep to your own, very small, part of the bed.

2. Keep my chair warm while i'm out playing.

3. Make sure my best loved 'Tom and Jerry' is always on the television.

4. Do not get irritated when I put my paw in your mouth to stop you snoring.

5. Be attentive to my every need twenty-four hours a day.

6. Accept my little presents of dead mice gratefully.

7. Reward my kindness by buying salmon regularly.

8. Never wake me - except for dinner.

9. Avoid all movement in bed so as not to disturb me.

10. Above all accept that there can only be one boss in the house - Me.

This is from a book I received for Christmas called 'Utterly Adorable Cats' (A Helen Exley Giftbook)

I thought it was fun, so decided to share it with you all!!
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Theres a few there sound familiar!, especially number 9!!!
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True! Plus, we abide by their rules!!
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Oh yes!!!!
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Perfect, Sarah! I believe Sierra's tempted to hang that up on the wall!
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Yes about the not moving in bed! Mine looks at me like "What NOW? can't you settle down?" It's so funny!
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Those are good. #5 says it all.
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Those are cute... sounds like your book is good too!
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Oh that is so true, It's cute....I love it.
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I think my Princess Shelby must have written that.
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#9 is especially true, isn't it?

Beau would like to add one: Immediately drop whatever you are doing and come put your face in the fur on my belly whenever I roll over onto my back and say "brrrrow". (Of course, he has me well trained, and I do it)

---D'Elle, the happy slave of Beauregarde
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LOL! Thanks for sharing.
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Those are wonderful, Sarah -- they could have been written by my lot
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