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skin problems

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my cat has these scabby patches on her skin. at first i thought she was chewing herself and making them but some of the patches have shown up on hard to reach places like her neck and the very base of her tail. any idea what causes these? what are they called? how to treat them?
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I am not quite sure what its called, could be allergies. I know a friend of mine's cat gets them every winter/fall and she has to put some ointment on her. You might want to get her checked out at the vet though because it could be ringworm or something else that requires medication.
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I would wonder if it is ringworm- only your vet would be able to tell by putting the cat under a special light. I would get it checked out, because if it is ringworm it will spread
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it couldnt be ringworm cuz shes had it before so i know what it looks like and these patches dont look like ringworm, you may be right about allergic reactions tho, i'll try and find some cortisone cream but i'm afraid she'll lick it off
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Just so you know, ringworm doesn't always appear the same way on cats. I've seen it as chin acne, enlarged cuticles, lumps under the skin... But they were all caused by the ringworm fungus.
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It could also be a food allergy. Jamie gets itchy skin and horrible dandruff from any food containing beet pulp; his sister is allergic to tuna,and reacts with total hair loss.
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