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Just voted for Juicy!
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Got to vote again! 32 votes ahead!
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Voted again but he's only ahead by 23... come on people let's vote!!!
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Second place is catching up! Let's keep voting for Juicy!
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Juicy is ahead by 11 votes, let's keep voting, everyone!
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Just voted again, it's really close... Juicy needs more votes!
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Juicy has another vote from me!
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Juicy's ahead by 11 votes! I can't wait to hear it when Juicy wins! One question...... is Juicy a male or female?
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Juicy is a boy. My 24 hours are not up yet since I voted late yesterday, but I'll vote later.
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Thank-you very much, Tina.
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Another vote from my gang to help Juicy along
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20 votes ahead! WOO HOOO! GO JUICY! GO JUICY!
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Yay! Go Juicy, when does the contest end?
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YAY Juicy!!!!
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Still in 1st place with 305 votes! Grace is so proud!
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Just to let everyone know, my vote TIED THE VOTE!!!!

Juicy and the other one (snoopy, I think) BOTH have 365 votes!!
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Just voted for Juicy, but he's in second now.
Snoopy=370 a little while ago Juicy had 348 and Snoopy had 354.
Come on people don't let a dog win.....VOTE FOR JUICY!!!!
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I just did a quick check...Juicy's falling behind fast! He's behind by 31 votes!
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475 to 441!! OH NO! It won't let me vote again, yet!!!!!!! VOTE FOR JUICY!!!! QUICK!!!!!!! HURRY!!!!
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you guys! i am so upset! They are winning big time now! It's going crazy, everytime i reload they are up another 10 votes!

On a monday morning who's got time to go to a lot of computers? i've done about 20 computers today, but whats up with their score? they're up like 100 already today!

This makes me so sad and mad at the same time!
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I'm trying my best.... I only have one accessible computer, sorry. I am voting every chance I get. GO JUICY!
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Just voted!
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hehe! thanks so much, i appreciate it very much! I'm not throwing in the towel...ever! i just need to find some more computers.

Hmmm...i'm just remembering that a new library was buit downtown---maybe they have lots of computers. time to go check it out!!!

Okay cat lovers, we have to rally! We can't let a DOG beat us!!!
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Can i only vote once a day?
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unfortunately...otherwise i would sit and reload for hours! hehe! I'm pretty dedicated to winning, it's just that somehow they're voting like crazy right now
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OH NO! Juicy is 204 votes behind!!! VOTE EVERYONE! VOTE!!!!!!! Juicy has to win... she's the cutest. Quick everyone! VOTE!!!!

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I've voted every single day!

Juicy you'll always be a winner in our eyes!
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Wow...I go to bed, and Juicy's 30ish votes behind, and now, he's over 200 votes behind!

I guess they must know people on a dog site...TCS's alter ego...TDS?
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It wont let me vote for Juicy! grrrr!
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yea, it sucks, it really does. We tried---thanks so much everyone! Just be cautious putting your pets into the next month contests, cause I'm sure this person has another pet and will do the same thing! I voted on like 60 or 70 computers at my school today just to try and catch up but they kept going. They must know lots of people. BUT, i GUARANTEE they didn't risk looking silly going into huge computer labs going from comp to comp, in and out of people, so their pet could win, like i did
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