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Elmer say's goodbye

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Tommorrow we take Elmer to cross the rainbow bridge. My heart breaks as I write this and anytime that I think about him not being around. He is about 15 years old, was rescued from a shelter and has been a great companion for many years. Why does this have to be so hard? I keep telling myself it is for the best, that if I was in his condition I would not want to be around either, but I know that is not true, everyone wants to live even if it is not a great life. He does not understand that he is sick and wasting away and there is absoutly nothing else we can do to make him better. We have tried to give him a good home, snuggle when he will let us and tell him how much he means to us, but somehow it just does not seem like enough. I suppose nothing ever is though when it comes to this part of life. I want to call and cancel the appointment and keep him around longer but I know somewhere deep in my heart and my head, that is not the best thing for him at this point. The vet thinks he has cancer, he has thyriod problems because it is sticking out of his chest, he has diabeties, he is so skinny you can feel every single backbone among others and his fur stopped growing back where he has been shaved. At his last weigh in he has lost a half pound, considering how much he weighs and used to weigh, that is not a good thing either.

What really sucks besides the loss of course, is that the vet never found anything "wrong" as often as we took him in for all sorts of tests. He apparently is a very "healthy" yet extreamly "sick" kitty. I guess I will never understand how he can pass so many of the tests he was given and still be so bad off. I do not feel any better from writing this, I kind of hoped it would help some. I know this is going to hurt for a long long time and I hope so much I am able to continue to look at his picture without feeling so sad.

Given a choice however, I would not go back in time and give him up so I did not have to feel this way now. His life has brought joy to mine and I hope we gave him the same. I hope he remembers BooBoo Kitty when he crosses over and they are better friends on the other side then they were in our home. At least he will have some new cat friends to play with and never have to worry about anything again. Everyone please wish him well on his last day with us and wish us well for tommorrow please, we are going to need it. We love you Elmer, please never forgot us because we will never forget you.

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My thoughts and prayers go to you. About one year ago I had to go through this same ordeal with our Simba and after making the phone call I kept questioning if I was doing the right thing. Looking back I know I did but it didn't make it any easier.

I know Elmer will get plenty of extra love tonight to take with him to the Rainbow Bridge.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family ....
I to had to make that decision a few years ago when my Baxter fell ill, I never knew that kinda of decision was so hard to make but deep down inside it knew it was the right one even though i felt guilty about it and wanted to stop it .....
Baxter has been gone for 5 yrs now but i still think of him all the time as he was a very special lil kitty to me.....
Again my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family
Ms Kymi
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{{HUGS}} for you darlin', you'll be in my thoughts and prayers for the next several days. I'm so sorry for you to have to make this decision, 'cause I know its not an easy one to make, like those before me have said, I've walked down that road myself, and if nothing happens to me first, I'll do it again. Give Elmer all the love that you can tonight, and give him a couple of scritches from me too. I'll go by Miss Kitty's grave tonight and tell her to be sure to meet him there and show him around.
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oh sweetheart what a tough time this must be for you but yes you know you are doing the right decision no matter how much it pulls on your heart strings or how many tears it brings to your eyes.
Elmer loves you oh how much he loves you and now you are going to show him the ultimate act of your love and help him pass to the rainbow bridge with some dignity and stop all this pain

He will have so many friends at the rainbow bridge just waiting to show him around and he will play and run through the fields in no pain whatsoever...... and there he will wait and watch over you until he sees you walking towards him

give him some love from me and the boys tonight - our thoughts are with you at this time
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I am so sorry. I wish I could make the pain go away.
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Bless you on a sad day, and I hope you will be ok, it's never easy to make that choice but you don't want him to suffer, you and yours are in my thoughts..
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Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and with Elmer as he travels on to the Rainbow Bridge.

He is a very handsome little guy. Isn't he? You can tell he is loved a lot.

My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to let them go. You are doing what is right for Elmer now. I am sure he knows that and thanks you for it. I just lost my kitty, Possum, right before Christmas, and another one, CookieDoe a couple of weeks ago. I am relieved that they are no longer suffering. I can picture them running and playing and being happy and whole again at the Rainbow Bridge. This is a comforting thought to me. Maybe it can be for you too.
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Thank you everyone for such kind words and thoughts. I will let Elmer know about all the friends waiting for him and the vast fields of catnip waiting for him filled with little mice, birds and other furry things to chase and play with. It brings a tear to my eye to read my own post and this thread, but I appreciate all the kindness and I know if Elmer could read he would also. Thank you.
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(Melody Collier)

Little cat, in the distant sky
Where mice are friends and bluebirds fly
Where pain is forgotten and you can pass
With leaping grace over green green grass;
Little cat, will you catch a star
And wonder a moment where you are?

Little cat, in a distant land
Where nothing can harm you as you stand
And gaze at the clouds, so pure, so white;
And all is glad with a fresh delight.
Little cat in your newborn years,
Will you spare a thought for my falling tears?

I copied this poem from a thread at IMOM.
It was for a woman who had just lost her cat to an intestinal blockage.
I want to share it with you and with Elmer.

Please give him a kiss goodbye from me as well. I am sure that CookieDoe and Possum and my whole gang who are there will be happy to play with Elmer.

Big hug for you.
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Awww... I'm so sorry that this choice has landed in your lap. It's always a very tough one. It always hurts, and many of us wish we could just stop time, so we could get a few extra minutes with our babies before they go.

The best thing I can say at this moment, is that starting from when he breaths his last breath, YOU will start healing as well. The first few days you don't feel like you are healing, but you are. It's another step in life. To love someone so much that you can let them go when the time comes. To have to do it. To have to be there while your baby crosses over... it hurts. But... from that point on, he will be better, and you will heal.

He will never leave your heart, or memroy, so that means he will always be alive. Just not in the physical form.

Please try to keep all your thoughts positive, or as postitive as you can this last day, and love him all you can for the next 50 years.

I'll keep you in my thoughs.
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I'm so sorry that this decision has been placed upon you. It is a very tough choice but one makes out of love and compassion for their loved ones. It hurts very badly.

It's been almost 6 months since I had to make the same decision to have Sphinx laid to rest because he developed liver cancer and went downhill in a matter of 5 days.

Many will be there to great him when he arrives and will keep him company until you are reunited.

to you and to Elmer.
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Will be keeping both of you on my thoughts.
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You are both in my thoughts on this sad day. The decision is not an easy one to make or to carry through. The days ahead will be rough but the pain lessen and although it does not completely go away you will be able to smile at elmers pictures again without tears. Remember Elmer with joy.
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Thank you. The time has passed and so has Elmer. He went to "sleep" faster then I thought he would have, it was very peaceful for him in that reguard. Before he went he had a full belly of food he really enjoyed, even if going made him unhappy at least we got to say our goodbyes and show him some loving before he went both last night and this morning. Even Buddy went to the carrier door and touched his paw to Elmer as if to wish him well on his journey. It was his time and it had to be done to stop his suffering and keep him from suffering more, or at least thats one of the things I tell myself.

Thank you all for your support, stories and your prayers, all are appreciated and helpful. It may hurt for awhile to look at his picture, but because I love him so much I am keeping it on my signature as well as BooBoo Kitty who has also passed. They are only on the other side of the bridge after all and waiting for me to join them while they play with all their new cat friends. Thanks again,

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Oh what sad to hear this, my thougths with you, RIP sweet Elmer, God Bless you...
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My thoughts and prayers go to you and your family, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. You are in my thoughts.
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I know Elmer will be missed terribly. He was a part of your family for a long time.

My thoughts are with you tonight.

Elmer.....be happy and well......
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I'm sooooo sorry. I"m glad you had the chance to say goodbye, and show him lots of love before he passed.
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Hi Cirque, so sorry that you had to make a painful decision of letting Elmer go. In time you'll be reunited again. Take care.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry I didn't see this until today, I am not brave enough to go check the bridge everyday, because I know how badly it hurts to lose your precious cat. I just wanted to tell you that you did the brave and noble thing by letting him go when you did. It is always a terrible decision to have to make but you made the one that was right and best for him. Now he is free and happy at the bridge, waiting until the day that you are reunited with him again. Hugs to you in your time of grief.
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I'm so sorry you're going through this, but admire your ability to spare him pain and suffering. You did the right thing. I'm sure Elmer is grateful to you, and that you'll be reunited at some point. The pain of the loss never disappears completely, but it does ease over time.
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Dear Cirque,

When you were helping me with my signature last week, I had no idea you had lost a kitty so recently. Please accept my sympathy. It's been five years since I lost Nancy, my cat of 15 years, and I know how much it hurts.

You have my prayers and good wishes.
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So sorry for your loss. I have lost recently My Thai to cancer and it will leave a hole in my heart forever, maybe they are playing together right now over the rainbow. HUGS!!
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Cirque, I'm sorry to read this. I don't often visit Crossing the bridge, it's just too hard and emotional for me. Elmer was a beautiful boy and I'm sorry he had to leave you so soon, even though he did share a long and wonderful life with you. It's always so hard to lose them, take care.
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RIP beautiful Elmer. May God be with you as you cross the bridge and may you rest peacefully in God's loving arms.
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Thank you all once again. I do not check this thread, even though I started it as often as I would like because obviously it is a tough thing to have to focus on.. but I appreciate all of your thoughts and wishes. You are all so kind and caring and it is appreciated. Yes, he was such a great friend and a family member to us.. it seems like loosing a child, although I have never had one.. that I know of *chuckle*. I try to fill my life with helping others, volunteer work and keeping busy with whatever I can to entertain myself while giving back in whatever ways I am able to society and those around me. It helps somewhat, although it never takes away the pain of loosing one so close to you and who has been so close for so many years.. person or pet.. all the same to me. Thank you all so much.

Tim Bowen
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I know it has been a little while since all this happened, but I wanted to let you know I hope you are finding some comfort with the time passing. I had to have my dearest little Spikey put down in August. I had so, so many vet bills between three Vets and they STILL could not find what was wrong. I brought him in and they ran the last set of tests and everything came out normal again. BUT, my Spikey was suffering and I knew it! I could not make that OK in my mind, and they could not tell me still what was wrong with my little guy. So, I finally had to make the decision to have him put to sleep. It was THE hardest decision I ever have had to make. It is 7 months later, and I STILL miss him so, so much. I so often expect him to come bounding around the corner to meet me. I know for you it has to be such a huge adjustment too. I am sure that your kitty and mine are pals at the Rainbow Bridge by now. I kept my Spikes name in my Username and I know he is just waiting to see me again some day and I know that our kitties are no longer in any pain or discomfort... Take care now....
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