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i need to sleep but all i get is scratched up face!

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OKay i have a big problem!

Before we moved Teufel and i would play a game called "catch" we would look at each other and then he would have to pounce on me to catch me.

Now each time i go to bed, he is constantly pouncing on my head and scratching my face. It really hurts and my bf is getting really angry about it.

The cat tried to get my eyelashes and nearly scratched my eye.
I tried hissing, slapping the bed and pushing him away.
we dont have a water spray yet and i cant lock him in the other room.
is anyone able to help by tonight?
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Well, for tonight, you could try shutting your bedroom door with him on the other side.

In the long term, you will need to help him learn that this behaviour isn't acceptable any more. Because he's been allowed to do it for a while, he doesn't understand why he can't now. The game you've been playing is a form of play aggression and the two articles here and here will give you some good information on how to stop this behaviour.
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we live in a two room appartment and there is no door between the two rooms, and i dont want to lock him up in the bathroom
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Get a squirt gun or any plastic toy gun that shoots water. Or just a spray bottle that shoots a stream???????
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Try gently squeezing ACROSS (holding the sides of the paw, not the furry top and padded bottom) the offending paw and calmly, in a deep,firm tone, say "No Claws!" This often works in minutes. If you squirt him, he may be confused and it may lessen his trust in you, because in close range he will associate you with the spray. Anyway, I'd try the 1st way - it's handy, convenient & dry. He may decide not to play at all at first, but stick to your guns & he'll compromise!! I've used this technique on all my cats, including adult rescues, and it works! Good luck & sweet dreams! Susan
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You have created a monster here. When you meet a cat's gaze dead on, that is a challenge to them, and instantly you turn from friend to predator- that's why he was leaping at you. Now, your face is his prey (because of the game you played with him) You have to break this, and it won't be easy, but this is what you do...

Lay down on the floor while he is laying down some distance from you. Lay on your stomach. Meet his eyes BUT slowly, several times in succession, and again slowly blink your eyes (this diminishes the threat you are to him). The first couple of times you will need a thick towel to cover your head in case he charges you- as he might do that purely by instinct, and you need to cover your eyes to protect them if he does.

Until you can break the threat he now considers you to be, he will continue to scratch you- because his instinct tells him this is how he will survive.

You can also add lemon juice to your hand lotion, shake it up well and apply it all over your face- if you add to much it will be sticky, so be careful- but the smell will keep him away from you-

Good luck!
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Fwan when Rosie and Sophie are ready to play chase they stare each other out until one of them makes the first move and dashes over then their fun starts.

But MA's right about blinking at them because i have a book that also says for you to do this.

If i see Rosie staring at me i look at her, then slowly blink and as soon as i do she does the same back.
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Since my last post on this thread i havent had a look and as i read your comments....

That is what i did (with the eyes) , he comes and jumps on us but he hasnt scratched my face since.
I also have a good play with him before i go to sleep so i tire him out and he gets to sleep too.
I noticed that he feels threatened about my eyes. BUT!
i do have very long eyelashes for a human and from a distance he will try and catch them even if im not looking at him.

also with the move we have been very busy and we hadnt played with him so much and i thought it was also because he was offended.
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