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I can't believe this...it's band practice nite! haha! So, the haunting won't be until after practice..DARN! Oh well, right now, I'm about to strap on my guitar, and go have some fun...I have a mask that I'll don to make it really funny! haha! There'll be a screened in porch I can see out of and there's a black light out there so when the trick-or-treaters come by, there's going to be a couple of us to run out and scare their little hiney's off :laughing2...Can you say Hi Knee? hahahha! That's one of our slang terms for butt's :laughing2...all in all it's going to be a fun nite. I pray this nerve in my neck won't be too much of a bother, but I tell you right now...I think I'll last for one song then I'm out! haha..TRUTH! All day I've been walking around like a zombie from it! haha...UGH...NOT GOOD...SPOOK OUT ON SOME REAL

Talk to ya tomorrow :evilalien

Love ya,
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Last night on E! they did a true hollywood story on the movie Scream. it was VERY interesting
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Cool!!! Wish I had seen it!! Scream 1&2 are my FAVE horror movies!! Doh!
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Did you mean a "real" as in true story of someone that actually did that?
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no, it was the story about getting the movie made, how the actors were cast, problems run into while filming, etc.
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Ahhhh...I see...I've always liked to watch what happens behind the scenes. Brings the movie into a totally new light.
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