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Thank you ... The big guy is Spencer.. Molly is my 6 year old... Thank you for putting up the pics for me....
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Murphy is adorable...keeping this little one in my thoughts and prayers.
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I just now saw this thread. I don't have any advice for you, but wanted to send lots of positive vibes Murphy's way. He's sooooooo precious looking and I really hope he makes it.
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So sorry to hear about your baby... I will saua few prayers for the little one. I had to respond to your posting necuase I too was fooled and bought a Bengal Kitten, whom I now believe was a BYB!!! I have had many health problems w/Craven and they seem to be getting worse by the day. Like your kitty, Craven did not receive any shots, was told the paperwork would be mailed to me, he was not litter box trained, feed fancy feast & deli cat, etc. I wanted to report the breeder - however for some reason he is out of business - i wonder why. These BYB should be punished for crulety to animals!!! Sorry - felt compelled to vent - I love my little guy and it hurts me so much to see him so sick!!! Keep me updated - hopefully he will be ok...
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Murphy is so beautiful! I am sorry he isn't well.
Sending good vibes his way, hope he is doing better soon.
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My heart goes out to you and Craven... I had no idea so much of this kind of stuff goes on.... As a child, all of my friends had dogs.... I never knew much about cats... About 7 years ago.. a girlfriend of mine had two cats, that I was extremely allergic to.. hives.. and breathing problems.. Maybe your system changes.. at 33 I seem to be pretty much ok... and I adore the little guys... I also have a cocker spaniel/ beagle mix Zoe who is 2, whom I believe is starting to think maybe he is a cat... I have a great family.. and so thankful... and these pets bring so much more joy... I hope Craven gets better and stays well.... vent away!!!! I am so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers from all of you!!! Gina
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Just so you know all breeders aren't bad, I found a breeder online in Canada. I paid $600 for a purebred Birman by a breeder who shows. I got pictures of Zacky weekly until he was 16 weeks old and old enough to be shipped. He was neutered and had completed all his shots, including rabies. He came with registration papers and a vet certificate. I only paid $100 additional for shipping from Nova Scotia to LA, California. The breeder kept in touch at least monthly and when ten months later he became ill and died from FIP she offered me another kitten, shipping paid. Now, that's a breeder. Becky
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Gina, sorry about the mix-up with the names, I'll change that. How's Murph going?
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Just wanted to add, because the vet isn't 100% sure of what's going on with Murphy, keep a close eye on Spencer, as Murphy could infect Spencer with whatever it is he has. I would always recommend a sick newcomer be separated from the resident cats because of this but I'm not sure how helpful that would be now, as they've already had a lot of contact.
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Hi... I know and thank you.. I have been keeping such a close eye on Spencer.. I think he wishes I would go out for a while When I first got Murphy I had them separated for about a week and a half... but then he seemed fine...He isnt showing signs of anything.. I dont know much about fip.. just what I am reading on the internet.... Murphy is still at the vet... she should be calling me this am.. to give me an update... I dont even know what to do for Spencer... If I am understanding correctly is there not a conclusive test for fip?? This whole situation is such a whirlwind... And please dont think I am putting down any breeders... The breeder did offer me a new kitten yesterday when she has them.... Just not sure I want another from her... or what to do...... I will post after I hear from the vet.. Thank you ... Happy Friday!!
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Spencer isn't really in much danger from FIP. It is caused by a mutation of the feline enteric corona virus. While the virus is infective, once it mutates into FIP, it is not. 80-90% of cats from shelters and breeders, or any multi cat environment have been exposed to the virus, but only 5% or fewer will actually become ill with FIP. So even if Spencer was exposed to the corona virus by Murphy, chances are that it will not mutate into the FIP form of the virus. And we aren't sure yet that Murphy has FIP. We will continue to hope for the best. Becky
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Have you been to: http://www.orionfoundation.com/
Great souce of information about FIP and I have donated to them in Zacky's name. Becky
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Thank you.. I just spent sometime on the website.... It is extremely informative and definitely work a look and needs the added support... Prior to coming to the computer I spoke to the technician at the vet's office... She was surprised to hear Murphy yelling for some food this morning... He recieved the fluids and anti biotic, and some pepcid through the night... and this morning he acutally ate regular kitten food.. and was very perky as she described him......I am extremely hopeful!!! They are going to keep him overnight again tonight... I hate that I have this reserved feeling not to be doing cartwheels... the vet should be calling me soon to make some sort of plan from here....I am thinking about taking my kids out of school early so they can visit him before the office closes.. I want him to know we didnt give up on him... Gina
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That is very hopeful news. Once the specter of FIP has been raised, you won't rest easy until about a year has gone by. Then you will be able to be pretty much assured it is not FIP. And visiting him is excellent. I once had a kitten that spent a week at the vet with panleukopenia. I visited every day and hand fed him. The vet said it was those visits that had pulled him through, he had only given him a 10% chance of survival. So go visit and enjoy. Becky
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Until you know what it is, separation of the two cats would be a good idea, but again they look like they get along and may need each other.

Whatever Murphy has, could have been simmering quietly inside in a non-contagious stage then moved to the contagious stage where any cat nearby would be susceptible to catching it, simply because how cats greet each other- nose to nose, or sniffing the other cat's rump.

Keep a close eye out on Spencer, and remember that FIP is often misdiagnosed even by well-meaning vets, because it mimics other diseases.

Best of luck!
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I went to the vet this afternoon for a visit and as soon as Murph heard my voice he started meowing like crazy.... He looked like a different kitten.. his eyes were more round.. and he was clawing at the cage.... I am hopeful he will stay on this path.. I just wish they knew for sure what is wrong with him.... I am leaving for Ca. tomorrow am with my husband till Tues.. they offered to keep him there instead of sending him home ( my parents will be here with my 3 kids).... so I thought that was the best idea.... I dont want to leave him .... but they assured me they would call everyday... and my mom and kids could visit him as often as they like..... Keeping my fingers crossed......
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Sounds like the best idea to leave him at the vet. I had to go out of town when my Elfie was sick and I felt much better knowing she was there. I left her with a stuffed cat to snuggle with. I called once a day most days and twice on days that she was sick. But when I got home she was all better. I hope that turns out the same for you. Becky
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Yes if you aren't going to be around, the vet is the best place to keep this baby. If you can before you leave, drop off a sweaty sweatshirt for Murphy and ask the tech to put it in his cage. Make sure it is an old one though, because he will pee on it (to comfort him) and it will possibly get ruined.

Thinking strong thoughts for this little one
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I am so glad to hear hes doing better! So often people post such sad stories, but this one is truely great and I hope he continues to improve! Have fun on your trip, hopefully you will return to a happy healthy kitten who misses you and cant wait to cuddle and play!
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Hello... and Happy Sunday to you all.... I called home yesterday and other then the foot of snow we were getting ... my mom said the vets office said Murph was doing even better then the day I left... I hope he can kick whatever this is.. and its just not temporary..... I am hopeful!!!! and I cant wait to see the little bugger... I did leave him with a blanket from home that he always used..... Thanks again Gina
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I just read this thread. I'm so glad to hear that Murphy is feeling better. Ruth, Kitty Bear and I send our best wishes
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freaking out from Ca.... I am wishing I didnt leave home... I called the vet this am.. and Murph is doing well..he gained weight... hes eating and he looks good... but my mom called and said spencer has runny eyes... and he vomitted.... UGH!!!!! are there viruses that are not fip or distemper... i mean just like a non threatening virus???? I am waiting for the vet to call me back... I want her to look at Spencer....
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If I wasnt posting this myself, I would wonder can one person have this much bad luck... My mom took Spencer to the vet,... she said his temp is 106, and he had no urine in his bladder.. she took and xray of his kidney and thinks that possibly he has stones... he is 11 months old.... is it really possible after my kitten Murphy being so sick with a virus that these are two separate issues.. I wish I was home.. missing my little guys and feeling helpless not being there... Murphy however is coming home tommorrow... hes gained half a pound... and she said she really doesnt think it is fip... I am hoping she calls my cell tonight..... anyone have kidney infection experience??? I hope I can come onto this site soon and just tell a silly story... Sorry for all the bad news.. The support here is just wonderful and everyone seems to know much more then myself.... Thanks again Gina
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I merged your threads Gina so the story can stay together. I haven't had any experience with this type of situation, so hopefully someone who has will chime in soon-
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Thank you for your help!! I apprecaite it
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Oh Gina, what a bummer. Remember that a kidney or urinary tract infection is different from kidney or bladder stones.

As for the two being unrelated, perhaps Spencer has been stressed with all that has happened with Murphy and it has manifested itself in illness.

Sending health and healing vibes for both Murph and Spencer.
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Hi.. back home in NJ.. and Murphy is doing great... he is home now.. and still a little skinny thing.. his eyes are so clear.. and so blue.. we are all so excited.. I am so glad we hung in there.. and took everyones advice on here and read all of the inspirational stories..... You all are so wonderful.... Spenc is still there.. his fever is down... she says his kidney area is sensitive when she touches it, but he isnt showing any other signs of kidney infection.... he is going to stay one more night just to play it safe... and she feels Murph could use the time with no possible infection at home.... I am scared to see this bill.. YIKES.. but they keep telling me not to worry about it... .. Have a great day!!
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Oh my goodness, my heart goes out to you - I do hope it all turns out 100% OK for both of them.
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Thank you so much... So far so good.. .I think Spencer is coming home tomorrow.... All three of yours are adorable!!!
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Gina, in following this thread, I am so glad to see that what is treatable was treatable. You care so very much for your guys! And your vert clinic sounds like they have a heart and some rational thinking around finances too. I continue to pray and hope for the best and send a lot of hugs out to you!
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