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On the way back to Sarajevo we will stop at a winery and taste some Blatina, the best wine from this region.

This has been only a glimpse of Bosnia and Herzegovina – there are so many other sites to visit, ancient and modern, and things to do at all times of the year, including fantastic skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, and of course we can never forget the favourite of all Bosnian pursuits, drinking coffee. But it is time to head back for Sarajevo and the airport, where I will say goodbye and see you on the next leg of our TCS vacation! Over to you, Fwan! Yay!
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everything on Bosnia was soo good thank you Jenny!
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Ever playing catch-up! This has been a wonderful tour, Jenny, and I've enjoyed catching up -- just wish I could have participated more. You have a lovely home, in a lovely country. The cities were very interesting, but I confess it was the drive and the rafting that I enjoyed the most -- I like to live in a city, but my soul is fed by nature, especially water and mountains. Thanks for showing us around.
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Thank you Jenny for the wonderful tour! It was really pretty and informative.
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I really enjoyed talking about Bosnia - I do like it here and will be sorry to leave eventually. It is a complex and fascinating place, and so beautiful. Anyway, if you have any further questions please PM me any time. Enjoy the rest of the vacation! (And no, I don't know who stole Smoky! I thought he got on the plane last night with the rest of you. Maybe he is playing at pilots?)
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Thank you Jenny! Wish we stayed longer! The tour was fun, educational and interesting. Oh, if only I had the means, I would go there for real right now.
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Hello Hello Hello!

I know i am a bit late but its only 11 am! i was supposed to come on last night but i fell asleep so im very deeply sorry for that!!!!!

Now Ladies and Gentlemen we are all Meeting at Frankfurt airport to start our tour! with the tour bus
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Waiting and ready to go!
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Everybody In terminal two and three please board the shuttle to get to terminal 1.

Now from my knowledge Frankfurt is the second biggest Airport in Europe.
It has 3 terminals.
Terminal 1 usually only goes out in Germany and Europe, and Terminal two goes out to the rest of the world.
Terminal 3 is Cargo and the army base.

When you get on the Autobahn (the motorway, freeway, highway) to go to the sorrounding cities such as Offenbach, Dietzenbach ect. it passes between the landing section of the airport.
NOONE GET SCARED! the planes fly so low that it looks like its going to bong onto you but its soo pretty.
Its my favourite road in frankfurt because i get to see all the planes land.
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From The Airport it only takes 20 minutes by taxi and train to get right into the city of Frankfurt.
This is the frankfurt skyline in the day time:

(later before i actually go to frankfurt i will post the night skiline )
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For these two nights we are staying in a very big and most popular hotel in frankfurt

www.maritim.de (also in english of course)

Usually all the stars Stay over night as its right next door to the Concer hall and the Messe.

The messe is a Fair. Its a very big building. Everymonth they hold up a different fair and People from ALL Over the world come just to see this.

P.s this is just around the corner from my house.
foto: (i will post another one a bit later of the view from my bedroom)
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i will leave you to explore your 5 star rooms and look at the view while i go and do some things
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Thanks. The airport is scary - Paris is scary too when you are on the motorway out of Paris and the runway goes right over the road. If you are there as a plane is landing it looks as if it is coming at you sideways!

It is years since I was in Frankfurt, but I change planes there often on the way to London from here. It is good to see the city again.
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We're in Frankfurt! Great photos, fwan!
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These really are great pics, Fwan!
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Originally Posted by momof6Mews

Not me!!!!!
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Hi, Fran! Nice hotel!
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Originally Posted by captiva
Not me!!!!!

Something about that reply smells fishy...
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Stopping for lunch
Im providing you all a Döner its turkish Kabap Its so large that im not even able to eat all of it!

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well er.... since its already past lunch time and my time is running out because i dont know where my parents are.... ITS TIME TO TAKE THE TOUR!
Now up the road from Maritim we are going to look at the Opera House. (Alte Oper)
In spring and summer time its soo pretty because the fountains have water springin and there is sometimes little kids playing in the water because it gets so hot. (like today it would have been perfect to go swimming because its boiling outside)

here are some pics of the Alte Oper

(my cousin has pics of us here but she still hasnt sent me the copies)

You can also see more beautiful views of this Opera house at


Last year Nelly Furtado and among other Singers Performed here.

Some Facts of the Alte Oper
The opera house has been destroyed in 1944 (WW2), rebuilt in the late 1970s and re-opened in August 1981.
- \tThe building is today used as conference and event hall and not for operas anymore. Operas are taking place at the Frankfurt Opera Hall, just 2 minutes away from here.
- \tThe reconstruction was done by Philipp Holzmann AG construction company.
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Lunch? Goody! Would have been here earlier if someone hadn't spent so long putting on his lederhosen. Right, Jasper?

Fwan? Jasper wants to know. If living in Frankfurt makes you a Frankfurter, do you taste good with sauerkraut? Really, Jasper!
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So next to the Alte Oper there are loads of coffee shops
From italian to starbucks to fish food restaurant and asian.
Anyone who may want starbucks may stop here..........

*few minutes passed*
Now everyone we are going to walk up the road heading to the ZEIL
The Zeil Is one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany. Its i think about 2 km long and yes i love it when i go there. Used to be like everyday though.
In the middle of this big road you always see People singing and dancing,
Some beggers, Some people trying to get you to love god, some Freaks, People who sell sun glasses and jewelery in a huge suitcase.
There are also fountains. And beautiful Monuments.
In between of this beautiful street there are 2 big trainstations and busiest appart from the main station (hauptbahnhof)
They are called the
this is actually a restaurant right on top of the trainstation

Both stations are underground.

At the Konstablerwache there is also bus and tram stops, It has C&A and Mc donalds which is a very popular spot to meet people.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Lunch? Goody! Would have been here earlier if someone hadn't spent so long putting on his lederhosen. Right, Jasper?

Fwan? Jasper wants to know. If living in Frankfurt makes you a Frankfurter, do you taste good with sauerkraut? Really, Jasper!
yes jasper if you go to Hamburg you will just taste like a hamburger
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Okay I found one of the fountains at the Konstablerwache

P.s dont ask who the girl is i got it off google lol!
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Jenny? I learned so much! In fact, I may spend part of my day googling info about the Bogomil Empire.

Oh, will there be a quiz?
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Fwan? Is that you infront of the fountain?
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Walking up further on that road we lead to the Frankfurt ZOO!!!!!
who doesnt love the zoo?????
Everyone may go in as long as you give your user name and password of TCS

here is the outside of the Zoo

There is a very large garden at the zoo which is great for picnics.
I might have to go there on tuesday and get some lovely Photos for you guys!!

Here are our furry friends cousins

And this is what it looks like in the night time if any of you want to go for a stroll while im away!

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Originally Posted by gemlady
Fwan? Is that you infront of the fountain?
No.. lol
i should be doing this thread later because im going there today and will be there untill tuesday... so i would have loads of time to get pics!
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Jasper, you don't have to hold on to your tail. If you don't tease the lion cub, he won't try and grab your tail.

Come along Jasper and let's see the rest of the zoo.
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