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ok i am taking a break to watch the awards, gotta get my gown fix, be back later tonight! BUH-bye everyone.
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Lafayette also has their own little brew pub. I had this saved out for Susan because they have Bangers and Mash on their menu
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Bangers and Mash?
Bye, Elizabeth!
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SHEEEEEESH! That's what I get for taking so long to get back -- where has this $$*$*$&*$* day GONE?

Well, having skimmed the day's activities -- and I DO mean "skimmed" -- I see you've been up to lots. Don't know who that person was back there, but it wasn't me...

So, what's up now?
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Originally Posted by yayi
Bangers and Mash?
Bye, Elizabeth!
Bangers = sausages: Mash = Mashed potatoes

Good stuff~!
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I'm just going to finish up with our tour here. We are off to see Purdue University next

First we have to cross the Wabash River.

Looks like the rowing team!

Oh yes and the Dragon boat races

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OOOOO WOW! neat dragon boat!
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Here's an aerial view of some of the Purdue campus

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In the middle is the fountain (well one of them). Here's a better picture of it.

In the distance is the bell tower - here's a better shot of it:

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hi everyone

gosh I am so so sorry that I havent been a very good host the last couple of weeks
Life has just been far to hectic and I can not keep up with it... so I am sending my apologises.....

just wanted to drop in quickly to let everyone know that
"Chixyb - Roanoke, Virginia, USA – Arrive 1st March" just this minute dropped out from hosting.... I dont think I have enough time to organise something else for these 2 days...

any suggestions???

missing everyone
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The boat races are fun!
What a grand university!
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Susie was called away unexpectedly on Saturday so I'm sure she will at least have some time to share Cleveland with us in the evenings. I don't know that for certain though because she's been gone.
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Here's the Loeb Fountain on campus.

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Hi Danielle! We've missed you too!
Sorry to hear we'll miss going to Roanoke, Va.! I can only think of just putting the Vacation thread on hold until the next host on March 3?
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Here's the Hall of Music where any big name performances are held.

I took a picture of our kits on stage, but it was underexposed. I will try to work on getting it out to you next weekend
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Wow, Purdue is beautiful.
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Hi, Tina!

Those teeny pics don't do the Hall of Music justice. Here's the website


If you click on Venues and Hall of Music and then photos in the upper right in that screen you can enlarge them.
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Casual local band concerts are held on Slayter Hill.

It can get a little crowded

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Lovely campus, Chris!

Dan! Good to see you. We've missed you, too -- but we do understand.

As for the next couple of days, it strikes me that Susie might have time to show us Cleveland during the day time -- though she may need to be available for her sister-in-law evenings. And if Susie's tied up, we've been known to wander off and amuse ourselves before this -- perhaps take a road trip to our next destination, stopping whenever the mood strikes? Unless the itinerary has changed our next (expected) destination is New York City. What would people think of getting on the CatBus and meandering through Ohio and Pennsylvania? I don't think we have anyone hosting in Pennsylvania, do we? But that needn't stop us from visiting...? Just a thought.
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When do we get to see the football stadium?
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This old lady is on Eastern Standard Time and needs to start getting ready for bed. I'm going to leave you with a picture of Lafayette as it really is this time of year. Bundle up everyone because we are going ice skating!!!

Have fun and the bus knows the way back the the bed and breakfast! It's been my pleasure to share with you! Everyone have a good week!

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Goodnight Chris
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Thanks for hosting, Chris! Sleep tight!
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Sorry Tina -


Ross-Ade stadium is the football stadium and Mackey Arena is where the basketball games are held
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See ya later everyone. Gotta go feed my monsters -- the three four-legged ones and the two-legged one -- and then out for a couple of hours. I'll drop in when we get home and see who's around.
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Thanks Chris, I love college football.

Home of the Purdue Boilermaker!
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Bye Fran
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Good night Chris and Fran!
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Good afternoon everyone!!
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