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*burp* sorry y'all I guess I am still suffering the effects of todays activities at the Bourbon Festival.
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Hmmmm....I'm sorry I miss so much of this vacation. Hopefully I'll get to catch up later.

Anyways, its looks like you guys aren't up to much.

May I have a drink? Pass the Sprite, please.
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Good afternoon! Anybody around? Sounds like you all have had fun!
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Hi Sam!!


I've been looking around the hotel seeing what folks are doing. Jasper is in the pool - any chance to wear his thong , I think I heard a group trying to sing "Waltzing Matilda" in the key of B (B for bourbon) , and I know Stephanie and Sierra are in their fluffy whites robes for the full spa treatment. Looks like Susan, Rosie and Sophie are there, too.

Let's have a walk around the atrium -


What the?!?!?!?!
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Hi Jan!!

Oooh the hotel looks nice!
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Sam, check your babies. They're driving the e-pram -- without Sophie or Holly!


Hey! Watch out for the other humans!
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Wheeeeeeeeee! *giggle*giggle*

Bridgey! Slow down!
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It's about time you stopped, Bridgey! Oh, you need to recharge the battery.

Well It's time for me and Jasper to go to bed. Better get him out of the pool. Come on Baby Boy, here's your towel.

Who's that swimming with you? Tiggy?

You better get out, too. Does your mamma know you are here?

Good night, folks!
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Oh Bridgey, Shookie, Dance - come here!

Good night Jan!
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Gooooood Morning everyone!!!

Did you sleep well? I see some didn't actually sleep as "pass out".

The catering staff has prepared a sumptuous breakfast/brunch buffet for us and the kits.

I thought we could spend the morning at the hotel - spend more time in the spa, walk around the grounds -

VROOOOOOOOM! Looks like Bridgey has the e-pram charged up again.
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Morning Jan!, Breakfast!!!!!! *Susan races out in front to get there first with her plate*

You have to be quicker than that Bridgey sweetie!
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i will have cuppa tea instead
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Morning everyone! I think I'll take you up on that suggestion of spending the monring in the spa, Jan. Hope to see you around lunch time.
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I heard breakfast?????
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Okey doke folks! Everybody onto the train!


Indiana Railway Museum and the French Lick, West Baden & Southern Railway

Come take a ride with us and journey back to the days when the railroad was considered the most luxurious way to travel. You will ride aboard historic pieces of rail equipment on a 1 3/4 hour, 20 mile round trip, which will take you through portions of the scenic Hoosier National Forest, the 2200 foot Burton Tunnel, and past impressive limestone cuts.

And since this is a virtual vacation, we will be touring other parts of Indiana by train - even if they don't have the tracks!
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Good morning!

Ohmygosh.. Don't say I just missed out on breakfast?

Ohhh Bridgey, sweetie thanks for saving me some!!
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From French Lick we head to the east to Madison Indiana. On the Ohio River, it still has many of it's historic buildings.

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Ignore the weather forecast - remember this is a virtual trip and the weather is warmer and perfect.

Nearby is Clifty Falls State Park - popular for hiking.

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Ooooh I love the park!
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VROOOM!! Careful on the trails Bridgie!!!
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She's becoming quite a speed lover - probably now because she's an only child she doesn't quite know what to share!
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I found this site with some geographical info on Indiana.

It gave me a great idea! Let's head to the highest point in Indiana!!!!! Get your hiking boots and wilderness gear...

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Very interesting Jan! Hang on lemme just find my crampons!
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Your crampons will be very handy if there's any ice -

The highest point in Indiana is only 1,257 feet above sea level and the surrounding fields are probably 1200 feet above sea level!
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Is that much?

Kitties and Melody & Zeppelin lets get you all geared up!
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I'm going to go have a shower and get ready for college - be back in about half an hour!
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Have a good day in school, Sam.

One website says the hardest part ofthe "climb" to the tallest point is a stile built to protect a fence. That and the hike from parking across the fields. My, I am getting winded just thinking about it.
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The area is flat farm land flattened ages ago by the Ice Ages. So the hill is not that much higher than the area around it. The southern part of our state was not covered by the glaciers, and so we have the rolling hills.
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Must leave for awhile. Enjoy!
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