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Ooh, I like the idea of the ghost. Can we take the cats on a ghost hunt?
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The kitties are welcome everywhere!!! The casino is even setting aside a floor for their gambling convenience.

Willard Library also has a great genealogy floor.
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I meant to say they have a great genealogy department.

Since the Daytona 500 is today, we will have our own suite with giant screen TV to view it. And all the refreshments we want.
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Yay we are are in Indiana! Hi Jan - Hi Jasper, and Jenny!
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We didn't see any ghosts, but I am looking forward to the race. I don't know much about car racing, to be honest, but it looks like fun (to watch anyway, to drive must be hard work). What should we order for refreshments?
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wow. i dont know how long it will take me to catch up
But i hope youre all having a wonderful time in cyber space indiana!
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We're in Indiana laready? Great!

Thank you Sandra for hosting. It was fun in Springfields. It was the first time I learned about the Route 66 Festival.
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Jan, Casino Aztar and limos? Wow, great accomodations!
My kitties and I will stroll down the Riverfront and then visit that ghost in the Willard library. My gang is sensitive to the paranormal (yeah, right) and will have fun chasing any floating ectoplasma. Will Jasper join us or is he still trying to break the glass of the pet store showcases?
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Here are some photos of the Evansville area.

The Ohio River

The Old Courthouse

The Old Jail

The Four Freedoms Monument

Bosse Field

Inside Bosse Field
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Im back TCS peeps... Indiana is beautiful.... I tried to be on as soon as I came home but my puter started giving me problems. But I am here now..... Thanks Jan and Arnie for starting with Indiana already... It is beautiful.
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I don't know what Jan has planned but if anyone wants to look around town feel free. Here's a link to area info: http://www.evansvillecvb.org/index.tpl
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Thank you Amie for the great photos! So it's you and Jan hosting. Shall I edit the "Vacation Starters" thread and put you as co-host?
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BTW, I checked the link ( www.evvairport.com/home/ ) . and it said the humidity in the area is 96%. That's over the tropics humidity. Amazing...
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That's because it's been foggy and raining all day. Believe me it doesn't feel very tropical here yet.
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I dont know why but america looks so different compared to Europe asia and australia.
it just has a different touch
dont you think?
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Well fwan, I love the differences. It's why traveling (real and virtual) is so much fun.
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Yes, the humidity has been high today with the rain.

Thank you, Amie, for posting the pics.

Well, the race is over and they have brought in the heavy equipment to clean the suite of the pizza and hamburger boxes, sodas, beer, and catnip.

I have been thinking about tomorrow and have decided we shall get into the TCS Time Machine and head to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

Since 1776, the people of Bardstown, Kentucky have been making Bourbon. Their dedication to the fine art of distilling eventually gave Bardstown the title of Bourbon Capital of the World. Come celebrate this passion and history at The Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you a weekend full of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and great entertainment, with a healthy dose of Kentucky hospitality thrown in for good measure. From black tie galas to historical tours, there is something for all ages and interests. It's a wonderful five-day event full of activities for the whole family.
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Dang, hit the post button by mistake...

To continue about the bourbon festival - I know I have piqued Danielle's interest!!!

Beautiful Bardstown is a historical treasure nestled away in the Kentucky countryside. There are shops, fine restaurants, trains, museums and of course the distilleries that have made Bardstown famous the whole world over. Come celebrate the spirit of Kentucky at The Kentucky Bourbon Festival.

I think we will go by boat. How about the Delta Queen Sternwheeler?

Well, we can get to Louisville, Kentucky by boat, but then we will have to take the Cat Bus.
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Hi everyone! I'm back from vacation. I need some help. I feel SO guilty being so behind. I'm so sorry. I really need some help. PLEASE give me an update.
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Evening, fellow travellers. Just a quick stop before bed, after a killer day, to see what I've missed in the last couple of days. Hope to get back on board tomorrow. I see we're in -- Kentucky? I thought it was to be Indiana at this point -- well, now I go read and see what's happening...

Edited to add: AHA! Now it makes sense! We've been busy little beavers, haven't we? Well, a couple of other threads to check out and then I'm hitting the hay.

Thanks for hosting in Illinois, Sandra, sorry I wasn't very present. Looks like we're off to a fine start in Indiana and Kentucky, Jan - and Amie.
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Bourbon festival? Sounds fun for us - I wonder what the kits will make of it! They may have to hold us back.
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I like that ride on the Delta Queen . I'm not much of a Bourbon aficionado so I'll just give my share to anyone interested.
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Morning everyone!. I can hardly type here because it's so cold it's 0 degrees

I want to be in the warmth with Rosie and Sophie!
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Poor Susan! Here, Sierra and I will keep you warm!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Poor Susan! Here, Sierra and I will keep you warm!
Awwww Stephanie i tell you we need that here right now!! It's so cold that i set the heating to come on just after 1 p.m. so Rosie and Sophie are warm

Which country are we in, Canada?
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Such a great Mommy, Susan!
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But a cold one! I really, really, really hate the cold

I'm coming back as a cat!
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Good Morning! Today we will hop into the the TCS Time Machine and fasto froward to late summer.

We are boarding the Delta Queen for a trip up river to Louisville, Kentucky (home fo the Kentucky Derby).

From there we will hop onto the Cat Bus and head north for a visit to Falls of the Ohio State Park.

Located on the banks of the Ohio River in Clarksville, Indiana at I-65 exit 0 is the Falls of the Ohio State Park. The 386-million-year-old fossil beds are among the largest naturally exposed Devonian fossil beds in the world. The park features a spectacular interpretive center overlooking the fossil beds containing an exhibit gallery and video presentation.

Fishing, hiking, fossil viewing, bird watching, and picnicking are among the most common activities.

While fossil collecting is prohibited, the park staff encourages visitors to explore and discover the many different types of fossils that can be found on the ancient sea bottom.

Then we will head south to Bardstown Kentucky and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival!

As the website says there are activities for those of us who don't imbibe (apart from collecting those who do and getting theim into the Cat Bus at the end of the day. )

Then we head back north to the rolling hills of Southern Indiana to West Baden and French Lick and our hotel.


. Natural springs made this area popular with those seeking to “take the waters†for their health. Though not officially open as a hotel yet, (it’s been recently restored and is for sale – anyone interested?) we are going to be special guests and will spend our second night at the historic and architecturally significant West Baden Springs Hotel. For decades, it claimed the title of the world’s largest unsupported dome until the Astrodome (Houston TX) was built! I have arranged for spa treatments – human and kitties both!

Next door is the town of French Lick. The “lick†refers to the natural salt licks in the area. (Watch those dirty minds out there! ) They have the French Lick Springs Resort where folks came to drink water high in sulfur. I don’t think they bottle it any more, but folks still come for the spa treatments and the golf. BTW, it was bottled under the name of "Pluto Water" and was famed for it's ability to "cleanse" the digestive tract.
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Oh were at yours Jan!

Ooooooh a spa!! i need one to warm up!
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Morning, Susan!

Let's help you warm up with some coffee. Before we embark on the Delta Queen we will have our choice of assorted donuts, muffins, bagels, and coffees from our local Donut Bank donut shops.
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